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Patrick shuts Lisa down, and Murphy proposes to Brenda.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Sonny Springs Jason, Sinclair Proposes to Brenda

On Friday’s General Hospital: Sonny asks Claire to get Jason out of Jail, Dante covers for Michael, Patrick shuts Lisa down, and Murphy proposes to Brenda.

Sonny went to Claire and told her if she got Jason out of prison it would help build trust between them and allow them to move forward in their budding relationship. First, Claire denied she wanted to grow closer and then reminded him she was a federal prosecutor and not a judge. Sonny countered that he believed she would work a loop hole into the plea-deal and obviously he was right, Claire moved forward to get Jason sprung.

Well, this is one way to keep Sam from bribing a judge. It also goes beyond anything similar to real-life. But that’s okay, nothing in this realm dating back to Sonny’s trial has any grounding in what happens in the real world. It’ll be nice to have Jason back on the canvas, but the real question remains: Will he be able to clean up all the little messes that have been made in his absence, starting with Sonny and Carly?

Dante arrived at the scene of the drive by shooting. After stating the obvious, that Michael being there could equal a one way ticket back to Pentonville, Dante sent him off and Ethan stepped in as the one who pushed Johnny out of the way of the gunshots. Johnny, Ethan and Dante all agreed it was best if Michael’s name was left out of everything, but apparently a witness told Ronnie a tall, blond teen was on the scene.

For someone who acts determined to stay out of prison, Michael sure finds a way to be drawn into trouble. And after Claudia’s death you’d think the adults in his life would have learned that lying to protect him doesn’t work out too well. Will Ronnie’s witness make big waves, or will Dante – or worse yet Sonny – give the woman a case of amnesia.

After finding Lisa in his house, Patrick became irate. He told her she’d, by far, crossed the line and that the insanity had to stop. In a new twist, Lisa nearly broke down and claimed that she loved Patrick. Said she had since their college days. She continued that working with him again stirred up all the old feelings and made another play for a life for the two of them. Maxie showed up and helped push Lisa out the door, but Patrick has a clear view of what a whack job Lisa is now.

In Rome we learned a little more about Brenda – the face of fashion. Even though she was exhausted, she accompanied her boyfriend Murphy Sinclair to his film premiere and later while the two dished about how complicated their lives were, Sinclair proposed marriage to Brenda.

Though we get the feeling Brenda loves Sinclair, she’s been thinking about Sonny as much as he’s been thinking about her. I have a feeling Sonny is destined to come between these two.

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