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Brenda's charity work threatens her life, Johnny becomes the target in a drive by shooting.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Brenda’s Charity; Johnny Shot At

On Thursday’s General Hospital: Lisa stepped up the creepy factor, Maya and Ethan flirted, Jason had visitors galore, Brenda recovered from her near stabbing, and Johnny became the target in a drive by shooting.

After threatening Steve with a sexual harassment suit and cornering Patrick demanding a consultation, Lisa left the hospital and let herself into Patrick and Robin’s house. After picking some dust bunnies off the lamp, she made herself comfy on the couch. At episode’s end, Patrick came home to find his happy, little psycho drinking a beer on his couch.

Nothing new or unexpected here. I figured Lisa’s craziness would continue to escalate and Patrick would be squirming like a worm. I do have to say, with the momentum the story is taking I am enjoying it. The actors are playing their parts expertly, and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it all to hit the fan.

Maya and Ethan ran into each other at Kelly’s and Ethan confronted her about her trying to dodge him. At first Maya denied the accusation, but then confessed she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him. Ethan later showed up at the hospital where he planted a big kiss on the intern.

For a couple that has been looming in the background for the past few weeks, I’ve already grown quite fond of this pairing. Maya and her neurotic over thinking and Ethan with his very laid back charm play off each other so well. I’m looking forward to the two of them steaming up the screen…hopefully, very soon.

Jason – now back at Pentenville – received visits from Michael, Carly, and Sam. How’s that for a liberal visitation policy? Michael worried that his mother was still trying to give Dante and Lulu a dose of justice and asked Jason to stop her. When he brought up Michael’s concert to Carly she went off on her own little crazy train.

Carly’s been devastated by Michael’s incarceration and I get it’s in her character to lash out, but when Jason voiced that what she’s doing is only hurting Michael, well, I expected to see her soften. She often insists her kids come first, but she doesn’t seem to mind putting her own need for justice above the peace-of-mind of her son.

His final visitor was Sam, who with Spinelli’s help, has come up with a plan to get Jason sprung. The idea is to bribe a stripper-loving judge to review Jason’s case and give him time served. As much as Jason protested the idea, I don’t think he’s going to be able to stop these two.

Again, we saw Brenda from Rome and learned a little bit more about what’s been going on with her since she left Port Charles. She’s been working with the charity for exploited children and the story is those who exploit children aren’t happy about it and are probably the ones who tried to cut up her face on yesterday’s episode. She also refused to wear diamond jewelry, saying they were bad luck for her.

I understand the point of building a story and drawing us into Brenda’s life, but part of me thinks it would have been more dramatic if she’d just been dropped onto the canvas with all this trouble, looking for help from those she used to be close too. It’s way too soon to cast stones, but I’m hoping the pace picks up here.

At the very end of the episode, Michael approached Johnny on the street and asked him to try and broker peace with his father. Johnny tried to tell him to stay away from it all and not to involve himself in Sonny’s business, but he was interrupted by a spray of gunfire. Both men ducked to sidewalk, before the credits rolled.

So how long has Michael been out of jail, and he’s already smack in the middle of another crime scene. Somehow I don’t think Judge Carroll is going to appreciate the irony.

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