Monday , April 15 2024
Brenda is back.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Brenda’s Back

It was a slow day for story progression today, even for a Wednesday; the high point being the long awaited return of Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo as Brenda.

Sonny and Claire continued to play cat and mouse. Sonny made it clear they should have a physical relationship and swore they could keep it on the hush-hush so it wouldn’t affect her career. Claire on the other declared over and over all she wanted from Sonny was a child.

True, I’m not a huge Sonny romance fan, especially one that might result in another offspring for the mob-boss, but this one seems to be even more nauseating than most. First, I don’t care how baby crazy a woman is – why would you want something that would forever tie you to a mob boss when you are a federal prosecutor. I think knowing what Kristina and Michael have been through would be enough to convince any woman Sonny sperm is bad.

Kristina tried again to have a study date with Taylor, but when the young man tried to kiss her, she reacted poorly. The two talked about her past with Keifer and seemed to part on good terms for the evening. Later, Kristina confided to Michael that she doesn’t think she will ever feel good enough about herself to have a relationship with a boy again.

I do enjoy the teen stories and the connection between brother and sister. I am happy they haven’t made Kristina instantly better after her ordeal. However, the story seems to have become lost in the bigger ones and we’re lucky to see them once a week. Somehow both Kristina and Michael’s traumas have lost their edge because we only get driblets of them here and there.

Carly pushed through her “family dinner” with Lulu hoping Brook Lynn was using the time to seduce Dante. Brook Lynn made some headway, but when she went in for the kill, er kiss, Dante refused her. Michael seems to be on to his mother, but I don’t know if he’s going to be able to stop her from enacting her plan.

The highlight of the show – the long awaited return of Brenda – came in camouflaged spurts. A foreign language being spoken by men waiting for her. We were then treated to glimpses of the hair, the back until the very end of the show. She was escorted to the stage, nearly attacked by a guy with a knife, and then the reveal (as if anyone thought for a minute it could be anyone but Brenda.)

Can the next two years live up to the hype? That is what remains to be seen.

Word is we will be seeing Brenda Barrett’s antics in Rome and she will join the canvas in Port Charles until September.

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