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Lucky convinces Karen to return Aiden, Carly steps up her plan to destroy Dante, Johnny comes clean with Judge Caroll, and Sonny sees Brenda in Claire.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Lucky Returns Aiden, Brenda Remembered

On Monday’s General Hospital: Liz confronts Shirley’s daughter, Lucky convinces Karen to return Aiden, Carly steps up her plan to destroy Dante, Johnny comes clean with Judge Caroll, and Sonny sees Brenda in Claire.

Liz was called back to the hospital because Shirley’s daughter had arrived to collect her mother’s possessions. At first, Marty was filled with rage and abandonment issues, but after a stern lecture from Liz seemed to have a change of heart. Or, at the very least, Marty was willing to accept her mother’s jewelry. So, with mini-crisis averted, Nikolas and Liz headed for home to face the daunting task of telling the boys their brother had been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, in Astoria, Lucky told Karen Aiden was his son and that he’d been kidnapped. He told her he believed her son, Bobby (Franco) had been tricked as well and assured her there was no animosity. Lucky just pleaded with the woman to give him is son back. Moments later we saw Lucky on a plane with the baby, accepting compliments on his son from the stewardess and telling  Aiden that he wished he was his father. Hmm, if he’d gone through any sort of normal procedure, like a DNA test to be sure he had the right newborn, he might have found out that Aiden was his child. Instead, he showed up before Liz and Nik could get more than a few words out to the boys and handed the child to his mother.

The speed at which this kidnapping story evolved and then resolved was enough to give me a case of vertigo. And to what end? Franco tried to slip something by Jason, and Lucky threw a wrench in it. How will he react when he finds out the replacement son he gave his mother was taken away? Will Lucky be his next target?

Carly continued whining and moaning to Brook Lynn, ordering her to get Dante in bed – and don’t forget the pictures – all for the sake of her plan. So what if Dante is the only reason Michael has been released from prison. Thank goodness Michael seems to be on to Carly, but I don’t expect that to detour her. Would I expect Carly to react any other way? No. It’s her character to a tee. I am, however, hoping this one explodes big in her face. I really need to her to step up and take responsibility for the role she played in Michael’s imprisonment.

In a rare – and weird – appearance at the PCPD, Judge Caroll just happened to see Johnny waiting for his bail to be posted and struck up a conversation. Johnny spilled the beans on Dante’s loyalty to Sonny and Claire’s brewing romance, ticking off the judge and spurring him to interfere.

In a long, drawn out conversation with Claire, Sonny remembered the love of his life: Brenda. This sets the stage for Brenda-rama which will air on ABC daytime this afternoon. From 1:00 – 4:00 viewers will be treated to three classic episodes of General Hospital, all heavily featuring Brenda. On Wednesday, August 11. The character will return to canvas, albeit from Rome. If your DVR is only programmed to the 3pm timeslot, you may need to make adjustments.

(There will be no MTR roundup of Tuesday’s classic episodes.)

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