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Helena considers honestly, Sonny remembers Brenda.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Helena’s Cryptic Warning; A Prelude to Brenda

On Friday’s General Hospital: Helena considered spilling the truth, Lucky engaged Karen about the baby, Johnny and Jason chatted in the holding room, and Robin sparked memories of Brenda for Sonny.

Even though she had nothing to do with baby Aiden’s kidnapping, Helena decided it was cruel to let her grandson worry about a child that wasn’t even his. (But I guess it wasn’t mean to make him think he fathered a child that was really his brother’s?) She headed to Liz’s house to deliver the truth. Alexis showed up too and began sparring with her step-mom. In the end Liz’s and Alexis’s angry snips at Helena were enough to make her change her mind. Helena left, still harboring her secret. Nikolas, however, smelled deceit (a little known Cassadine trait) and followed Helena to the docks to confront her.

In Astoria, Lucky zeroed in on Karen’s new house. Posing as a census taker, he gained entry and began asking questions about Pablo and her older son Bobby [aka Franco]. When his questions got a little personal, Karen sensed trouble and threw him out. He later came back to the house (at the end of the show) and when Karen opened the door he apologized for lying and told her that the adoption of her son was illegal; he knew because he was the baby’s father.

Who’s the baby’s daddy stories may be soap classics, but my tolerance for them is quickly sinking. Especially since this is the second in only a few years involving Lucky and Liz. Lucky’s been through so much. He’s raised Liz’s other two children (who are not his) as his own, even though the word faithful is foreign to Liz. It’s time for Lucky to have a son that is truly his own. One that he can end up have a dysfunctional relationship with like the one Lucky shares with Luke.

After Dante arrested Johnny for shooting a Lopez brother, Johnny spent time in the interrogation room with Jason. Johnny told Jason he’s sure Sonny is setting him up. Jason told Johnny he’s been running wild for too long and he’s about to pay the price, maybe with his life.

More mob stories. And we all know where this is headed. Someone’s going to get shot and someone’s going to get in trouble for it. My biggest question: Will one of Sonny’s kids be caught in the crossfire again?

Robin told Patrick of an email she received from an old friend – Brenda Barrett. Robin also dropped that she’d run into Brenda while in Africa and thinks she’s the only woman Sonny could never get over. Later Robin stopped by Sonny’s house to bring him up to date and leave him Brenda’s phone number and e-mail address. Later, on the docks, Sonny remembers the first time he met Brenda.

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo reprises her role of Brenda on Wednesday August 11. Look for Sonny to continue reminiscing on the August 9 episode and all of ABC daytime will be preempted on August 10 for a three hour Brenda tribute. In the 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 timeslot on ABC a different classic GH will air, each featuring Brenda with one of her three men: Sonny, Jax, and Jason.

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