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Did Franco meet his violent end?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Francofrenia, Over Already?

On General Hospital this past Wednesday through Friday, it was all about Franco’s big performance art: his master plan and his revenge. For such a slow, teasing build, it felt very anti-climatic at the end of Friday’s show.

Having successfully lured Jason and Dante to LA for his big reveal, he also coordinated it so Liz’s baby would be taken from the nursery, sending the hospital into lockdown at the same time. Later, he addressed the fans at MOCA and those in General Hospital at the same time and informed that “life no longer imitated art, it had become art.” (Noting new, same old psychotic ramblings as we’ve heard all along.) I was a little disappointed in the fact that the only reason Aiden was stolen was the 66 on his hospital ID bracelet. For all the research Franco has done on Jason, he seems to be ignorant to the fact that Liz is the mother of Jason’s child. (Of course, it would make more sense to take Jake, but that child already has been kidnapped once before.)

For two days Jason chased Franco around the grounds of the art show and tried to play along with Franco’s scheme, while the artist continued to mess with hishead, making it clear that he’d orchestrated everything that happened to Michael in jail (including the implied rape). Meanwhile Dante received a call from Lucky and was told that Franco had stolen Liz’s baby. Lucky’s last words to Dante: “Don’t let Jason kill Franco.”

Lulu showed up at the art show, apparently because she thought as soon as Jason had stopped Franco, he was likely to turn his gun on Dante…and that she could stop it from happening. No matter how she tried to explain it, it made no sense and by distracting Dante she kept him from delivering that all important message.

Back at the hospital, Warren Bauer, who had come with a court order to obtain Kristina’s medical records, was met with a chilly reception by many. When he began yelling at Kristina, Michael stepped in and attacked Warren with a blind rage. Lucky and Mac were called off baby-finding duty to try and calm the situation, but turned a blind eye to Michael’s attack much the way Warren had ignored (and probably caused) Keifer’s violence.

So what’s an over-the-top insane man to do? Turn a gun on the hospital waiting room. Warren shot Mac and Ethan before turning the gun on Michael and Kristina. Though down, Mac was able to get off a couple shots, putting an end to Warren and his rampage.

Newest intern, Maya, had a meltdown and was unable to help treat the wounded. Thank goodness Olivia was there to jump in and help Steve save the day with Ethan. Shortly after she suffered a dizzy spell almost passing out. The only thing I have to say about that is there is only one reason women get lightheaded on soaps. Will a pregnancy bring Olivia and Johnny back together?

I’m sort of glad to see the end of Warren, but feel this is a story that had wonderful potential but became lost in the Franco madness and other storylines that took over the canvas. Grief will cause people to do disturbed things, but if Warren was that obsessed he would have been a constant presence in Kristina’s life instead of popping up every few weeks for a short stint.

Back at MOCA, Jason chased Franco through a building, and up a winding staircase, nearly tripping over the cameraman Franco decided to kill for the fun of it. Up on the roof, camera angles switch and from the ground we see Franco on the edge of the building with his hands raised. He screams “Don’t kill me, I know where the baby is” before taking a clumsy fall that looked more like a dive off the roof and landing face down on the Route 66 sign painted on the ground.

So that’s it? All of this build up for Franco to leap to his death?

Don’t count on it!

For one thing it’s already common knowledge that James Franco has signed up for at least one more story arc as the deranged serial killer. Another point, there’s still a missing baby to find. I’m guessing the fall looked clumsy for a reason – it wasn’t what it appeared. And let’s face it – if Franco was going to leap to his death, he’d make a huge speech first, and jump face first.
I will be out of town for the next week. Making the Rounds will resume with commentary on current episodes on August 2.


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