Saturday , July 20 2024
Patrick's woes keep getting worse, and baby Aiden went missing.

Making The Rounds at General Hospital: From Nightmares to Real Terror

On today’s General Hospital Michael’s nightmares affected those around him, Carly wanted revenge on everybody, Johnny broke Olivia’s heart once again, Patrick’s woes kept getting worse, and baby Aiden went missing.

Lulu noticed Michael tossing and twisting in his sleep and thought it would be a good idea to try and wake him. Bet she was thinking twice when Michael began choking her. He was able to stop himself, but when Lulu asked what he was dreaming about, all he could answer was “prison stuff.”

Carly showed up moments later to ask Michael to stay with her while Dante was out of town, but Lulu interceded. “Dante wants the judge’s orders followed to the letter,” she tried to explain. Carly seemed to take it in stride, but went straight to Brook Lynn and demanded she step up her plan to get Dante in bed… and then told off Skye for good measure.

I actually feel bad for the situation Carly is in regarding her son. Sort of. It has to be difficult not having your son close, while wrestling with the guilt of the actions that put him in this situation, but the revenge stuff is wearing thin. Yes, typical Carly, but you’d think she’d eventually learn her lesson. These things backfire, and I’m sure this one will too.

Johnny showed up on Olivia’s doorstep with make-up pastries and, though he tried to deny it, make-up sex on his mind. Gotta give a girl some props for trying to stay strong, but Johnny wore her down and once inside the apartment started making the case for another chance for them. Olivia sent him away, saying she wouldn’t watch his self-destructive ways anymore, but later, when she witnessed him and Brook Lynn boarding his speedboat, she broke down in tears.

I’ve always liked the Jolivia pairing, and even though the cougar thing is getting overdone, it worked on them. Olivia is capable of sating Johnny’s restlessness and I miss them being happy. Maybe seeing him with Brook Lynn will convince her he’s too good to let get away.

Lisa continued to terrorize Patrick by acting possessive of him. She got the doc so jumpy he intruded on a conversation between Steve and Robin because Patrick thought his dirty laundry was about to get aired. Steve, of course, had hospital business on his mind, but later told Patrick if he did in fact cheat on Robin, he was a fool. Oh, and more bad news, Patrick, Carly overheard Lisa screaming about how you two did it. Once Carly knows something, it’s a secret no more.

I have to wonder if TPTB weren’t running a Steve/Robin test pairing by us. I hope not. I like Steve and all and I want them to find him someone so he can get a regular storyline, but I don’t want to see scrubs split up, especially over Lisa.

After a very brief onscreen appearance by Cameron and Jake who came to meet their brother and a run-in with great-grandma Cassadine, Liz and Nikolas were ready to take the baby home. When they went to the nursery to collect him, however, the baby was missing.

Immediately following the discovery we saw Robin running into Helena in the hall, pointing suspicion her way… but let’s not forget the cryptic number on the baby’s bracelet. I’m guessing we’ll see a return of Franco tomorrow.

On Tomorrow’s GH:

Skye and Jax fly off on a treasure hunt.
Aiden is missing and all eyes turn to Helena.
Warren has plenty to say to Kristina.

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