Wednesday , February 28 2024
Performance art, schemes, and a visit from a serial killer.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Schemes and Dreams

On today’s General Hospital Franco slipped past Jason and Dante, Sam unsuccessfully planned a romantic evening, Spinelli twisted the truth to Lulu, and a Jax and Carly reunion was thwarted.

By the time Dante and Jason arrived at the old house on Route 66, Franco was long gone. However, he did leave a couple of monkeys, his signature tag on every wall, and one important clue leading the new duo to Jake’s to see performance artist Kalup Ishmael. The show ended just as he was taking the stage, so viewers should be in for a real treat tomorrow.

I’ve really enjoyed that they’ve had Franco interacting with more characters this time around. The scenes with Coleman today were priceless from Franco asking for absinthe to knowing the way to work Coleman is a hefty bribe. Good stuff all around.

While Jason was on the chase, Sam was at his penthouse trying to coordinate a romantic evening. After setting the scene and ordering in food, the mood was dashed when Franco showed up at the door with her take-out order. Again, this happened just before the ending credits, so it’s a great setup for tomorrow’s show.

Though it may be realistic for Sam to be longing for some me-time with her one-and-only I think it’s funny that while Jason’s looking to stop a serial killer, her mind is all about the hook-up. Is she forgetting that Franco kidnapped her and threatened to blow her sky-high last time he was in town?

Spinelli opened his apartment door, spouting words of revenge, thinking it was Carly on the other side. Instead, it was Lulu — one of the intended victims. He was able to catch himself and told the “Original Blonde-one” that he was plotting revenge against Dr. Matt Hunter for kissing Maxie. Later Carly arrived and was quickly brought up to speed by Spin before she could mis-speak and mess up their plans. She even sided with Lulu, giving her little reason to think Carly is still holding a grudge.

While I understand the motivation behind the revenge plot against Lulu and Dante, and would expect nothing less from Carly, I must say Spinelli’s participation is a little disconcerting. I buy the anger toward Dante, but his friendship with Lulu has run so deep since his first day on the canvas, watching him turn on her now has been a little hard to take. Even though Spinelli is known for his computer hacking, and this is one heck of a little scheme he’s masterminded this time, I’m sort of hoping something falls through or he has a change of heart.

Jax came to Carly to let her know about his run-in with Franco in the park. After assuring her that Josslyn was fine, the two began to reminisce and looked to be headed for a kiss, when Skye showed up and doused the smoldering flame. She may have told Jax making Carly jealous would win her back, but I’m beginning to wonder if Skye doesn’t want this particular ex-husband back for herself.

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