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The smooth operator breaks his hand and Carly breaks Sonny's heart.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Broken Pieces

Last week on General Hospital Patrick broke his hand, Lulu and Jason found Spinelli and made a break for it while Ric broke all the rules to try and stop them, and a broken hearted Sonny ran away.

The week opened with Robin, still looped from her tequila binge, taking Patrick to the hospital after his fight with Coleman. Noah ordered X-rays and did an exam, and Patrick returned later with his hand and lower arm in a cast. When Noah told him he should hire a practical nurse to help him dress and care for himself — to protect his gifted surgical hands — Robin stepped up to take the job.

Patrick returned to the hospital the next day, determined to be useful even though he couldn’t operate. He was quickly frustrated by the fact his father had stepped up to perform the operations he had scheduled. Robin tried to comfort him by offering to help him find an apartment – deciding he had lived in the hotel room too long. (She has a point, he’s been in town a year now.) But it was Monica who truly helped him feel useful when she asked him to give a lecture to a class of medical students.

This story arc was a nice turn in Robin’s latest attack of self-destruction. There’s a new maturity in Patrick that gives the character great depth. the onscreen chemistry between Jason Thompson and Rick Springfield as this father/son duo continues to shine, even though the pair seem to have moved beyond their issues and are developing a more supportive relationship. Coming up in the New Year we will get the final results of Patrick’s HIV test (from the surgical accident) and I look forward to seeing these three continue to act and interact with each other.

With Lulu’s help, Jason found Spinelli’s grandmother’s house. They put a scheme in motion, allowing Grandma to believe Lulu was there as a pregnant girlfriend so she would let them wait for him to return. Spinelli first refused to go back to Port Charles, but when he unknowingly tipped off Lorenzo’s henchmen, he realized he had little choice but to implicate the mob-boss before he could have him eliminated.

Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Lorenzo discovered Ric had assigned Lucky to watch his house and decided to turn up the heat on the crooked DA. He called off his henchmen and allowed Lulu, Jason, and Spinelli to return to Port Charles. While Sonny distracted Ric, Jason turned himself in, and Spinelli showed the police detectives how he had faked and coded the flash drive, providing a duplicate copy of the evidence.

Mac Scorpio asked Ric to produce the original flash drive for comparison. Ric found his locked drawer empty. Though he blamed Jason and Sonny for stealing it – it was in fact Lorenzo, who also has a taped confession of Ric saying he planted it in Sam’s apartment to frame her. To the rest of the world Ric is beginning to look corrupt, to Lorenzo he is looking more and more like his personal puppet. At some point, amidst all of this, he also found the time to plant a ziplock full of pills in Lucky’s desk. (Who is going to find them first is the big question for next week’s viewing.)

Jason’s first order of business after having all the charges dropped was to go to Alexis’ to take Sam home. After finding out all the recent events of the case, Alexis called Ric over and encouraged him to drop the case against Sam since he had no evidence. When he refused, she threatened to offer up his one-night-stand with Sam as proof the charges were vengeful. Ric threatened back that if Sam was put on the stand, he would drag her through the mud. Personally, I don’t think Ric is going to be active DA, let alone walking around and breathing, long enough to take this case to trial. He has too many enemies and too many on the police force are suspicious of him.

After a heart to heart with Mike, Sonny realized he would be foolish to not come clean with Carly and admit that he still loves her and wants her back. He called her over with the pretense of discussing the children, and planned a nice romantic dinner. Carly was shaken by the display, but played it cool and reiterated how destructive to each other they were when they were a couple, and waned on about how much she loved Jax and how determined to marry him she was.

As she turned to leave, he called her back. The look on his face said it all, how he wanted to declare his love and beg her not to marry the other man, but at the final moment; he couldn’t bring himself to do it. She left, and he packed his bags and headed to the island, telling Max he couldn’t stay and watch her marry another man.

When Carly found out from the boys that Sonny had fled, she was determined to go after him and bring him home for her children. At the end of Friday’s episode Jax threatened that if she went after Sonny, there would be no wedding. Carly doesn’t respond well to ultimatums, not from Sonny, Jax, or anyone else. I see her getting on a plane to the islands, and Jax getting on a plane to anywhere else. (Supported by the fact that Ingo Rademacher is set to begin an extended vacation in January)

Some subplots that were just getting started… Dillion and Spinelli are starting to help Lulu with her quest to prove her mother’s innocence. As they tried to re-create the incident, Georgie walked in to find Dillon with his arms around Lulu. Lucky finally sat down to have a talk with Maxie over the baby he thinks she is having. He suggested they put the baby up for adoption, since she is so young and his life is so complicated. Maxie, of course, did not respond well. I guess she’s come attached to that pillow under her shirt.

Are Viewers Unhappy?

TV Online is suggesting a boycott of General Hospital to let the writers and advertisers know how much viewers want a return to what made the show great. Also, Darcy Fournier offers his very detailed plan on how he would revamp and rebuild the current story.

I have to say Darcy makes some excellent points. As I’ve said before, it’s very sad they brought back all the veteran characters, to only use them in the background. Give these great actors and actresses some solid storylines… that don’t revolve around Sonny. Make the show a true ensemble cast again, and I believe all storylines will benefit.

This will be the last Making the Rounds until the New Year. I will be back with round-ups and spoilers Jan. 7, 2007.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

(Spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

What better way to end a fake pregnancy than to fake a miscarriage. When Lucky confronts her, accusing her of putting the drugs in his desk at work, Maxie will throw herself down the stairs at Kelly’s. I’m not sure how she’s going to convince a doctor she was ever pregnant in the first place, because I’m sure someone is going to want her to go to the hospital when she tumbles down a flight of stairs.

Elizabeth is going to second guess her decision to let everyone believe Lucky is the father of her baby. If the truth surfaces, the ramifications to Jason and Sam’s reconciliation will be huge.

Alexis using medicinal marijuana? This could be interesting!

Colleen the psycho nanny returns to kidnap Spencer.

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