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All I can hear is Dane Cook screaming "shenanigans!"

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Shenanigans and Games

Watching today's General Hospital left me wondering if anyone on the show is being real. Every character seems to be caught up in game playing, with the exception of Olivia.

Another couple up in smoke? It would appear that Olivia has finally had enough of Johnny's vengeful feud with Sonny. So much so, she walked away saying it's over (after one more time in the sack, that is). I'm hoping these two find their way back — there's a lot of chemistry there – but I'm not holding my breath.

Fans have been told just about every couple on the show will self-destruct this summer, and it would seem TPTB are moving along right on schedule.

I'm guessing we will be seeing the end of Maxie and Spinneli soon too. When Spinelli walked in on Matt and Maxie kissing, it really did appear to be the final blow though my guess is the relationship has been doomed since the Franco's interference last winter.

Spixie never regained their spark and It's really sad. Before they started playing these two off each other, I could be counted among the Maxie haters. The relationship was redeeming for her, and I think the way she's deconstructed it is going to alienate her from viewers. Another concern: Who will they pair our boy Spin with? 

Let's face it, if the past is an indicator, unpaired characters get limited screen time. I'm cool with Spinelli finally being done with Maxie and her games, but I do hope the writers don't push him off the canvas because of it.

Jax continued his quest to make his soon-to-be-ex Carly jealous by using Skye. Carly took the bait, and turned the tables, enlisting the help of Steve. All I could think however is poor, poor Steve. This episode started with him realizing all of Lisa's attention had been a ruse to get a rise out of Patrick and ended with the understanding that Carly was just using him too.

I supposed that kind of thing could be a compliment to the ego. I mean, you must be hot if these ladies think you can make the man they really want green, but what I'd love to see is a blossoming relationship for the newest chief-of-staff. Oh! If Olivia is truly free this time, that could be interesting!

As I watched Sonny's scenes today, with all the continuous lies about not planting the car bomb, all I could imagine is Dane Cook in the background screaming "shenanigans!" Double shenanigans if we're to believe Sonny would take Claire's apologies and new lusting at face value. A saving grace? That Lucky is now being written "smart enough" to see through the garbage Sonny spews. It's so refreshing to see a cop played as intelligent on this show.

Will he be smart enough to see through the kiss Maxie planted on him toward the end of the show? (Yes, she was making the rounds today.) I hope so!

On the next General Hospital


  • Robin tries to spice things up in the supply closet, Patrick's guilt derails the fun.
  • Alexis gives Sonny a lesson in birth control.
  • Spinelli makes a tough decision.

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