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On today's General Hospital it was all about the lies, the cover-ups and the psychotic (artist) known as Franco.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: More Cover-ups and Creepiness

On today's General Hospital it was all about the lies, the cover-ups, and the psychotic (artist) known as Franco.

Am I the only one who found it ironic that Sonny and Patrick were in the same boat? Patrick spent months screaming about what a jerk Sonny is and today they were both lying to protect their secrets. Though, to be fair, in Patrick's case it was more like lies of omission.

Robin, home from Africa, was full of apologies for her behavior and for even going on her trip, but Patrick was too wrapped up in the his guilt over his tryst with Lisa to even look her in the eye. He deserves the guilt, of course, but I watch begrudgingly, knowing one of my favorite couples is headed down the road to doom.

Even though Lisa promised to play it cool, I'm betting that when  Robin and Patrick return to work "tomorrow" we're going to see a return of her manipulative ways. For a woman who's supposed to be all about her big career, she's way to dependent on someone else's man. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if she tells Robin flat out that she bedded Patrick.

I hope it isn't the plan of TPTB to actually make a couple out of Patrick and Lisa, because I don't see Scrub fans ever getting behind it.

Then there was Sonny. Everyone in town came to see him, all wanting to know, "Did you plant the bomb?" Alexis and Olivia want to give him the benefit of the doubt and Michael is the only one he's reluctantly confided in. Several questions and improbabilities leapt to mind as Sonny weaved his web of lies. Why would he even think it was okay to ask his son to keep yet another secret? Why is it only Kristina and Johnny who seem willing to believe Sonny could do such a thing? And when did 17 times two become 30? Okay, that last one I ask in jest, but in the last few days they've stretched the age difference between Kristina and Johnny from 17 and 28, to 17 and 30, to he's twice her age. Don't get me wrong. At any interval it's still an icky pairing, but I find the fast changes humorous.

Let's not forget Franco. I'm still quite pleased with both the content being given to James Franco and the intense creepiness he's pulling off with the character this time around. I can't figure out if he's controlling his mother with whatever herbs were in the brown bag he delivered or if she's really just as delusional as he is. Either way, mother and son are pulling off some really nice scenes.

From the cottage in Woodstock, Franco returned to PC and the Metro Court to terrorize Carly. He used the one thing that matters most to her – her family. Aside from threatening baby Joslynn in a round-about way he also divulged Michael's prison secret. It should be interesting to see what happens when Carly confronts Michael with what Franco told her.

My guess: he'll deny it.

On tomorrow's GH

  • Olivia and Johnny break up again, well after one more tumble.
  • Steve suspects Lisa and Patrick did the deed
  • Lucky and Maxie share a kiss
  • Sonny picks not to try and be a real father to Kristina

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