Monday , June 24 2024
Yeah...crazy runs in that family.

Making The Rounds At General Hospital: Cheating, Lying, and 66 Roses

On today's episode of General Hospital the underlying theme seemed to be cheating and lying, with a twist of nefarious activity and a dash of 66 roses from the king of deranged. 

As we could all guess from the ending of Friday's episode, today's began with Patrick and Lisa falling together on Lisa's sofa. Predictably, Patrick emerged from the experience overcome with guilt, while Lisa tried to play the cool-with-it mistress type. "We used protection and I know what this was. There will be no consequences." Well, honey, we all know better than that. (And we dislike you for messing with our favorite couple!) Someone should have told Lisa that Patrick's daughter Emma was the product of a broken "means of protection."

As to rub salt in the wound, Patrick returned to his apartment to find his wife home from her medical-mission work. How long before Patrick can't take the guilt and confesses? Is it the final straw that will break up scrubs? And the biggest question of all…can I be the one to tell Patrick he's not all that different from his father after all?

In the parking garage of Johnny's building, the bomb on his car exploded just seconds after Sonny called out to his daughter. Anticipating the blast Johnny pushed Kristina away (and it seems the spoiler about temporary blindness was false). 

Everyone in town (with the exception of the police commissioner) knows Sonny planted the bomb, yet Sonny screamed his innocence nauseating anyone who would listen, with one all-important exception. He did tell Max to make sure nothing could be traced back to him and that a Lopez brother went down for the deed. Too bad he didn't see Michael just beyond the doorway. I have to hope this will be the moment-of-clarity for Michael that makes him turn away from his father. Somehow, I just don't see that happening.

So, we all knew the artist Franco had cornered the market on bat-shit crazy, but it seems he may have had his mother as role model. Dante and Jason showed up at Karen's cabin to question her, only to have her deny ever having a child and prattle on about such things as energy and chai green tea. Meanwhile Franco showed up at the Crimson offices to deliver the final six roses to Maxie, repeating over and over how there were 66 of them. It was obvious Maxie wanted a shower after Franco referred to their previous encounter, the level of their intimacy, and the way he thought the number 66 sounded dirty.

After Franco left, Maxie ran to Jason's apartment. Apparently she was looking for the hit man instead of her non-husband, because she insisted to Spin that nothing was wrong, until the moment Jason walked through the door. Her confidence in Jason landed yet another blow to her disintegrating relationship. And I'm getting the feeling this is going to be a summer of break-ups on GH.

Franco had one last stop to make too. He dropped in on the mother, who insisted she didn't have a child, bringing her a little brown bag of special herbs.

Yeah…crazy runs in that family. 

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