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Johnny's trial is set to begin and Jax returns to Carly's arms.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Johnny’s Trial Begins

Thanks to Robin Kavanagh for taking over recaps this past summer.

This week's General Hospital focused on Johnny's upcoming trial. Thank goodness Claudia finally figured out the truth – that it was Lulu who wielded the knife in Logan's gut and not Johnny. Now the question becomes what will she do with that knowledge when she's called to testify. Will she exonerate Johnny by damning the woman he loves or will she do as asked and keep her mouth shut? My guess is she will honor Johnny's request. I can't imagine her going against him, even if it is for his own good.

I found the scenes picking the jury very interesting. It wasn't very plausible Edward Quartermaine would be seated given his prejudice against the mob violence and his association with Lulu, but it sure was entertaining watching him try to get out of it. Did anyone else recognize a familiar face from last season's Night Shift? The actress who played Mrs. Stoltz, the angel of death's second victim, was seated in the box. I wonder if she will turn out to be Anthony's plant? One thing we know for sure is the plant is not Epiphany, but I am positive she will be a delightful addition to these courtroom scenes.

Wednesday's show ended with Scotty asking for the death penalty should Johnny be convicted, surprising all those in the courtroom with his assertion that Logan was a police officer. It turns out Scott has forged paperwork to make it look as though Logan was working undercover for the department so he can get what he believes is a just revenge for his son's death. Too bad he wasn't this attentive to Logan when he was alive.

Lulu continued visiting her mother, though I'm still not convinced these scenes aren't more of her hallucinations. Yes, they were outside instead of in the small room and there seemed to be doctors and nurses milling about, but it's just all too contrived. Laura walks away just as Tracy is walking up? We never see Doctors or nurses checking on Laura and her miraculous progress. It wouldn't surprise me if the writers simply ignored these details, but I'm not completely convinced Laura has recovered. If Lulu is hallucinating, then she isn't nearly as well as she appears. I can only wonder if this all going to unravel when Scotty forces her on the stand.

It was good to see Jax return home and making plans with Carly to build a new home and start that family of their own, but I'm sure you are well aware this is just the calm before the storm. There is no way Clarice is keeping her newfound secret from Kate – that Carly and Sonny had limo sex the night they took Michael to the long-term care facility. When Kate knows the truth, so will Jax and everything will come crashing down once again. Will Kate still marry Sonny or will this be the first step in a Carly and Sonny reunion?

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