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Johnny shoots Sonny; Anna learns she's a soon-to-be grandma.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Flying Bullets and Sexy Spy Grandmothers

This week on General Hospital Anthony ordered a hit from his hospital bed, but was still released from the prison mental hospital. Jason saved his enemy, while Sonny was nearly annihilated by his. Maxie and Spinelli tried to catch the dastardly Dr. D in a trap, while Kate succumbed to his blackmail.

When Johnny couldn't find Claudia, he assumed that Sonny had enacted revenge for Michael's shootings. During the confrontation, Johnny pulled out his gun and fired it at point blank range, hitting Sonny in his gun. Yes, Sonny only lived because the bullet ended up lodged in his gun. Some would say ironic; I'd say some writers at GH are just too obsessed with the violence.

All of this happened in front of Lulu, who had been sent back to the mobster's house to retrieve Kate's PDA. We all know where this led, don’t we? Lulu attacked Johnny for shooting at Sonny; Johnny responded that he would kill Sonny if he hurt Claudia. They both carried on and on about a mob war and how bad it would be and decided they weren't right for each other. This will last until the next time they are in the same room together and Lulu gets all hot and bothered by her favorite bad boy — sort of like Laura got around Luke all those years ago.

From his hospital bed, Anthony decided Claudia must die, and put a hit out on his daughter. Lucky for her she had just called Jason to meet her using information about Michael's shooting as the bait. When her car crashed (because of cut brake lines) Superman was there to save the day. The two dodged sniper bullets, and eventually Jason  captured the sniper, but before he could question the bad guy, Claudia shot and killed him.

Even though Claudia then told Johnny she was going to bury their father on the witness stand, she had a change of heart and defended her daddy. She later told Johnny she realized he was going to get out and wanted to make him think she was on his side. Johnny and Claudia reconfirmed their pact to take their father down, but I have a feeling it's going to be harder than they think.

Before running off to meet Claudia, Jason ordered Spin to get the dirt on Dr. D. Together he and Maxie faked appendicitis to keep him from leaving town and then downed him with a sedative. After all the fun and antics, however, Ian was able to extort a million dollars from Kate after explaining to her he was Michael's shooter and if she didn't help get him out of town, he'd have to kill Sonny in self-preservation. She fell for it, but later Maxie noticed the missing funds from the Crimson accounts and when she went to Spin for help in finding it, he was able to trace it to Ian.

Off the dynamic duo went in search of the evil Doctor D, not realizing Maxie was hiding out in back of the SUV.

Anna Devane slipped back into town only to discover she's going to be a grandma. Even Patrick's claims that his 'baby's momma's momma' was the hottest thing walking didn't help alleviate the super-spy's agony over her new place in life. So, instead, she went searching for fun and youth with Luke Spencer. Makes sense to me.

Sidenote: The replacement actor in the role of Patrick this week didn't sit well with me. It's not that he did a poor job; I just hate seeing new faces on my beloved characters. Good thing Jason Thompson is back. He was missed.

Scoops and Spoilers:

Don't be surprised to see recent storylines dropped as if they never existed. Head writer Bob Guza has claimed pretty much everything that happened while he was on strike didn't really happen. Stories rumored to be dropped include the 'Olivia secret' that was listed here as an upcoming spoiler last week.

This week Carly will be faced with the reality of checking Michael into a long-term care facility. She will fight with Jax and Sonny to bring the boy home, but will realize the error of her ways when she finds young Morgan trying to wake up his older brother.

Ian tries to use Maxie as leverage. Alexis witnesses Jerry kissing Claudia. Anna asks Patrick if he's going to make an honest woman out of Robin.

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