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Will Lulu's helping hand put an end to the mob war?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Laura Slips Away and The Mob War Rages On

As Laura faded back into her catatonic state, Diego was a casualty of the mob war while the rest of Port Charles was either looking for Jason or helping him to hide out.

The week of Thanksgiving, Laura's memory loss became worse and she had increasing moments of stillness. Patrick examined her and advised that she return to Shadybrook, as her time was short. After tearful goodbyes with Nicholas and Lucky, she had a moment with Lulu. Laura told her daughter that she didn't believe she had killed her stepfather. Viewers had been told Laura would reveal a secret to Lulu that would kick off the next storyline. After the immense buildup, the result was a let-down. And though Lulu has spoken this past week of a need to prove her mother's innocence, little has been done to move forward with the storyline. Of course, she's been a bit busy having been drawn into Jason and Sam's problems.

The highlight of the goodbyes, or course, was between Luke and Laura, and even beyond that, Tony Geary produced some Emmy-quality scenes as Luke drowned himself in the grief of the loss.

The major focus this past week was on Jason, Sam, and the mob war. On Emily's advice, Jason called home on Thanksgiving Day to let his family know he was still alive. Later Skye told Lorenzo, begging him to honor Diego's death by ending the mob violence. Lorenzo told Ric, who then assigned Lucky to finding him, ordering that he be brought in dead or alive.

Ric has devious motivations (of course). He is banking that either Jason or Lucky will kill the other. His hope is that Liz will be so devastated by the loss and angry at the one who killed, she will collapse in his arms in grief. Jason and Sam saw right through it. While Liz listened to Jason's words of wisdom on the matter, when Sam told Lucky to be wary of Ric, his response was he owed Ric for giving him his job back.

Alexis was still distraught over Kristina's silence since witnessing the shooting, but found the energy to help her other daughter. She told Sam she would be her lawyer. Ric tried change her mind, citing concern over her heath. I think he's just afraid his soon to be ex-wife is going to kick his ass in court. At the arraignment, the judge instructed Alexis she would have to wear a wig instead of her scarves. He was not going to allow the jury to be swayed by her health.

Ric didn't oppose bail, and the judge released Sam to Alexis' custody. Alexis warned Sam the only reason Ric did not oppose bail was he was counting on her to lead him to Jason. She advised her to play it smart. So what did Sam do? She ran straight to Liz's art studio to see Jason, of course. Good thing he was off hot on the trail of Spinelli, because Lucky had followed her there.

Acting on information for Stan and Professor Marquez, who had unknowingly caused Lulu to be taken with Spinelli by Lorenzo's men, Jason went to the warehouse to try and save the twosome. In the meantime the henchmen held the teenagers at gunpoint and forced then to drink tequila. Part two of the plan was putting them in a car and staging an accident. Left alone long enough for Jason to try and save them, Lulu smashed the empty tequila bottle over Jason's head when he burst into the warehouse, giving Spinelli the chance to steal his gun and disappear. Lorenzo's henchmen returned, but eventually Sonny's men showed up to save the day.

For a moment I questioned the feasibility of Lulu becoming involved in the mob war, but it quickly made sense. Above the character's need to win her father's approval, the sheer acting ability of Julie Marie Berman was reason enough. This young actress outshines all, with the possible exception of Tony Geary… maybe. She plays angst, sadness, and (this week) inebriated teen with the skill of someone twice her age, and is so much fun to watch.

There were only two very minor storylines this week that did not involve the mob war. Robin, still distraught over Laura's temporary recovery and the effects on the family is becoming more and more distant and callous with her patients. All the while she was lost in the memory of Stone on the anniversary of his death. Though Patrick has tried to be supportive, his patience is running thin and I suspect it will come to a head this week.

Emily and Nikolas re-united on Friday's show. Seemingly trapped in the barn (Nikolas later admitted to staging it), they shared a picnic dinner and declared their love for each other before falling into each other's arms. I'm sure the psycho Nanny is going to have something to say about this.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

(Spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

Colleen will overhear Emily insisting Nikolas fire her. Though he is hesitant, he agrees for Emily's peace of mind. The psychotic nanny has more than one trick up her sleeve, including kidnapping Helena.

Umm… is Nikolas even going to care? Well, yes, of course he'll care. Helena is his grandmother. As evil and cruel as she is, I'm sure he will move heaven and earth to save her. I just think if Colleen wanted to get to Nikolas, Spencer or Emily make for a better victim.

Lulu will help Jason track Spinelli down in Tennessee. This should make for some great viewing. These two have been playing very well off each other.

Maxie has not reached the bottom of her bag of tricks in attempts to get Lucky. (Yawn!) I can't be the only one bored with this one.

When Patrick reaches wit's end with Robin, he turns to his father for advice. I'm sure what Noah has to offer will help. Patrick also hurts his hand in a bar fight at Jake's. So with the HIV story promising to wrap up on New Year's Eve with Patrick's final test results, he's going to have new surgical obstacles with an injured hand? Patrick angst is almost as fun to watch as Patrick-and-Noah tension and Patrick-and-Robin sizzle.

From the 'soon to return' file, Kin Shriner will be making a return appearance to Port Charles soon. And a final note — more of a rumor than a spoiler — Genie Francis is said to be in talks to return yet again to the show. (Can everyone say February Sweeps?).

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