Wednesday , November 29 2023
Nikolas decides it's time to let Emily rest in peace.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Choosing Life

This week, Michael remained in a coma as Jason began to suspect Ian as the boy's shooter. Nicholas decided to stand up to the doctor's extortion and chose life. While Ric got closer to freeing Anthony, the Zacharra patriarch put a hit out on his daughter.

Carly held on to hope that Michael would come out of his coma and recover from his gunshot wound, but most everyone else took Robin and Patrick's diagnosis, that the coma was permanent, to heart. Sonny reacted by scaling back his security team and putting himself out in the open, hoping whoever tired to kill him before would try again. Trying to help Carly to face the truth, Jax brought in specialists from Europe to examine Michael; we've yet to hear their diagnosis.

I'm still a bit annoyed that Jax seemed to be resigned to the fact Michael was gone so quickly, but by this point I'm looking forward to him getting through to Carly. The stress is bound to get to the couple the same way Sonny's self destructive behavior is yet again coming between him and Kate. Maybe since both Jax and Kate are being pushed to the outside, they'll end up together.

Jason and Spinelli's investigation of Ian turned up more and more incriminating evidence making him the prime suspect. Feeling the heat, the not-so-good doctor tried to extort more money from Nikolas telling him he had a new experimental drug he would get him for an additional ten million dollars. Having just spent the afternoon with Nadine, and then received another lecture from dead-Emily, Nikolas finally came to his senses refused the doctor's offer. Later he told Nadine he was having the surgery scheduled.

I was very glad to hear we'd soon be seeing the end of hallucinated Emily. This story arc, that began way back when with the black and white ball, was supposed to be one of the most romantic storylines ever told, answering the question would you die for love. In the end we've watched Nik wanting to die because he lost the love of his life. There is no romance in death, only pain. And I'm glad to see Nikolas is choosing life with his son over dying with his 'one true love.'

Ric continued his quest of revenge against his father and moved closer to achieving step one of that goal: getting Anthony Z released from the prison hospital. Johnny and Claudia tried to damage control, telling their father they hired Ric to get him released, but Anthony must not have believed them because he put a hit out on his not-so-loving daughter. At week's end, Anthony was warning Trevor that Ric was out to get him, while Claudia and Jason were held up in a cabin dodging bullets from the woman's father's hitman. We'll have to tune in next week to see if Ric get's double crossed and if Jason Superman can get he and Claudia out of danger.

Spoilers and Scoops:

  • Johnny only makes matters worse when he takes a shot at Sonny.
  • Kate borrows from Crimson to send Ian packing. Maxie notices the missing funds.
  • Carly refuses to believe Michael won't get better.

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