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When a hit on Sonny goes terribly wrong, it is Michael who is shot.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Tragedy Strikes at the Coffee Warehouse

For the foreseeable future, this column is going to be a weekly recap and preview, instead of daily.

Sonny's attempts to put a strong focus on his legitimate business holdings (importing coffee) came to a tragic end at the climax of Friday's episode, when the bullet Ian meant for Sonny hit Michael instead. This was after repeated declarations of how he wanted to go as legit as possible for his children's sake. Rumors had abound for the last week or two that a cast member had suddenly and unexpectedly received their walking papers in the form of a script that killed them off, looks like that actor was Dylan Cash. Check out the spoilers below for more rumors and spoilers on this matter, but it's looking like Cash has been dismissed and a SORA (soap opera rapid aging) is in the works for Michael.

Since the only reason Michael was in the warehouse at all was because Kate wanted to rebuild her relationship with the boy and help Sonny along with attempts to clean up his business, I look for her to take the brunt of the blame from Carly. Since Sonny jumped to protect her instead of Michael, I'm sure he will be spiraling downward in the weeks to come. That's just what Sonny and Kate needed was another hurdle in their relationship.

Carly and Jax spent the second half of the week fighting and most of those arguments were based on the time Jax was spending on the launch of Kate's magazine. Even after he explained he was using the work to keep from drowning in his grief over this miscarriage, Carly had little understanding for it. Typical for Carly, but I imagine it will make it harder for them to lean on each other through this new tragedy. I see this as another nail in the coffin for another of my favorite couples.

Unaware of Michael being shot, and reacting to a case at the hospital, Liz told Jason she wanted to him to step up and take his place as Jake's father and that she wanted to be with him. An ecstatic Jason happily agreed. Don't get too excited Liason fans, you know as soon as word of the shooting hits Jason's ears it's going to reinforce for him that claiming his son will only put him in danger. I suspect it will only reinforce that fact for Lucky as well, who is bound to insist to Liz they don't change the status quo.

I am a bit upset it was Dr. Ian Devlin behind the trigger of the gun. Until this point he was a mysterious puzzle. Even though he dealt in prescription drugs not legal in the country, you got the feeling his patients' greater good was at least part of his motivation. Yes, he seemed to have a thing for hookers, but that also seemed to be masking some deep hidden pain. I wanted to know what was under the hard shell. Now that he's shot a teenager in the head (however accidental) I just don't care any more. He's been moved directly to the bad guy column, with no redeeming features. It's sort of like they did with Jerry, and then tried to ineffectively bring him back to the middle.

I also find it extremely odd that this is a former good friend of Patrick Drake's. Who did this guy hang out with in Medical school anyway? First there was Pete, the college professor who was making time with his students. He went to get Patrick a cup of coffee during the hostage crisis a year and half ago and was never seen again. Now, we have Evil Ian.

I'll be watching this week to see if Ian rats out the Zacharras and if he has any remorse at all.

Scoops and Spoilers

  • When Michael comes out of surgery; Patrick's prognosis is not good. He doesn't believe Michael will ever come out of his coma.

    Sonny first blames Jason, and then himself. Carly also takes her anger out on her ex-husband and refuses to accept Patrick's diagnosis.

    The character had reached that awkward age. He was too old to do cutesy stuff and too young to date Maxie. I look for him to remain in the coma through the summer and maybe into the fall and wake up 18 or 19 years old.

    There are still some rumors circulating that Cash is not the actor in the rumor I mentioned above. The only other one who fit the description was Greg Vaughn (as Lucky).

  • Lulu and Johnny can't resist each other.

    I don't even think Lulu will be dissuaded when she learns of the shooting. The danger is a huge attraction for her. It might be interesting if they would explore the fact that Johnny is much like Luke was at that age, and maybe in some weird psychological way she's trying to fill the void of 'daddy acceptance,' but I'm not holding my breath.

    The writers want Lulu involved in the mob mess, plain and simple, so there she is. Unfortunately, I have a feeling this will push Logan (Josh Duhon) off to the side. Sad really, I loved the Spencer/Baldwin history at work in these two.

  • In a press release on, it is being reported that Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) will return toward the end of the month to explore the fact the character is becoming a grandmother. The release also states she left on assignment with Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield) last fall. (Hmm, funny, that isn't how I remember it happening) and teases we will get a glimpse at how that relationship has progressed. Now, that is something I am looking forward to.

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