Thursday , February 29 2024
Liz's kids give Robin something to think about; Sonny is a coffee importer... yeah, right!

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Coffee and Kids

Robin got a reality check in the form of Cameron and Jake, while Lulu and Maxie continued their competition to win Kate's favor. Sonny attempted to shine a bright light on his legitimate business, while Jax called him out and warned him to stay away from the boys.

Liz, running late for her shift at the hospital, dropped Cameron and Jake in Robin's care so she could retrieve something from her locker before taking them to day care. The moment Liz was out of sight, Cameron acted horribly. He grabbed her stethoscope and ran circles around the nurse's station. While Robin tried to coax and bribe good behavior out of the child with ice cream, Patrick and Epiphany watched with amusement. When Robin asked for help from Patrick, he muttered something to the effect of "payback's a bitch, huh?"

The incident did get Robin thinking however, and it seemed pretty clear when she later asked Liz about how hard it was to be a single mother that she was thinking about herself and Patrick. I let out a joyful squeal when Drake Jr. later asked her out, and she accepted. This breakup has lasted way too long. I want my Scrubs back, working together and planning for their child's birth. Glimpses of any of this child's grandparents would be an extra bonus.

Sonny was desperate to emphasize the legit aspects of his business. Though I couldn't help laughing when he insisted to Jax he was a coffee importer and that he's going to teach Michael the coffee business. (Oh, wait, you're serious, Sonny?) I wanted Carly to take him aside and inquire as to whether he needed his medication adjusted before explaining to him that the coffee business is a front and only a front.

Jax didn't find any of it amusing. It only made him more committed to his decision that Sonny needed to stay away from the boys. Carly and Kate both disagreed – Carly by fighting with Jax and Kate by telling Sonny he was doing the right thing and good things were going to come out of him moving toward legitimate business. We'll see if her tune's changing by the end of the week.

At least Johnny was upfront with Luke as to why he wants to invest in the Haunted Star. He wants to launder money through the casino. I think Luke hit on a deeper point though. I, too, think he wants more time with Lulu.

At least Lulu is consistent in the fact she's putting about much effort into being an assistant to Kate Howard as she has with school or working at Kelly's. All she cares about is being in competition with Maxie. Unfortunately, it is beginning to look like Maxie might be the one to pay, which is sad because working with Kate and this new pairing with Spinelli have gone a long way in giving the character shape and a humanity we haven't seen in her in awhile. Here's hoping Spinelli can help her out of this little jam she's in.

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