Tuesday , May 21 2024
Claudia moves forward with her plot to take out Sonny.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Danger for Sonny

The week got off to a good start with a balance of humor (in the form of Lulu and Maxie as well as Scrubs) and the dark, brewing mob war.

After Lulu proved to Kate she was able to hold her own, Kate gave her a chance as her second assistant. It became quite apparent Lulu was out of her element while Maxie was at home in the fashion world. Kate wasn't interested in any complaints Lulu had and insisted all she cared about was the quality of the completed work.

It's actually fun to see Maxie and Lulu competing on a level playing field instead of shallow name calling and slapping. It's also refreshing to see Lulu actually have to struggle for something. I'm looking forward to her finding out about Maxie and Spinelli's budding relationship. Surely, it will drive her batty.

Spin adhered to Jason's orders and followed Sonny all over town. The 'old movie detective' shtick has yet to get old, especially when Anderson's physical comedy is thrown in the mix. Sonny wasn't oblivious to his tail, however, and toward the end of the episode called Spin out.

This was after he upset Jax and Carly by visiting Michael and unconsciously gave Claudia the information she needed to order her hit on him. When she told Ian that he would be in his warehouse accepting a coffee shipment on Friday, with few guards, he declared it would be an easy job. Jerry stood by, looking very concerned. I'm wondering how and if he's going to step in to foil the plan. Will his interference make things worse, or will he chance his brother's rage if he does nothing? Rage I'm still not sure would exist. Jax is pretty fed up with Sonny and while he might not condone shooting him, having him out of his life would be a major bonus.

Ric continued to lay out his plan to Anthony Z to get him out of the hospital for the criminally insane and all he wants in return is for Anthony to help him destroy Trevor. Geez, Ric, he probably would have done that for you anyway. While Anthony tested Trevor, asking the lawyer to spring him from the hospital, Johnny tracked down Ric and told him to not free his father.

Meanwhile, Patrick dropped in on Robin, using a patient consult as the excuse. He found her fawning over a picture of a teddy bear in a magazine and weeping. Yep, those hormone levels are definitely off the chart. In this moment, on this day, she was touched by Patrick's concern for her and feeling giving and warm toward him. Is this the beginning of reconciliation for my Scrubs? I really hope so. Even though I'm fully aware the wind could blow in a different direction tomorrow and Robin will think Patrick is a dog again.

On the Next GH:

Jax doesn't want Sonny anywhere near the boys. Johnny wants to fund the reopening of the Haunted Star.

Casting Information…

The word is Finola Hughes will begin another stint on April 25. Anna will drop in (probably literally) to visit Robin and give her two cents about becoming a grandmother. Will she get a chance to renew that love affair with Noah? I'm waiting for Daddy Drake to show up and give Patrick some sound advice, like 'you'll make a great father, so step up and just do it.'

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