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Will all of Trevor's blackmail and betrayal finally come back to haunt him?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Blackmail and Betrayal

In the ultimate betrayal, Trevor blackmailed Ric into giving him the waterfront properties. In the meantime, Claudia was stepping up to put Trevor in the ground.

When Michael and Morgan returned from the arcade with a mobile for the baby's crib, Jax and Carly found themselves with the daunting task of telling the boys the baby was no more. Michael immediately (and some would say rightly so) tried to take the blame on himself. Surprisingly, Jax was able to ease the boy's guilt without heaping it on Sonny's doorstep, though I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised by that. Jax has always been the epitome of grace and understanding – one of those near-perfect, nice guys women just don't appreciate.

While Kate was trying to prepare for a conference call over her new magazine, which I guess is now going to be sister publication to Couture, Sonny felt like he was being blown off. He pressed her to talk about why she was running and she continually repeated she was happy about his truce with the big, bad Zs, but she had a magazine to launch. I was struck by just how insecure Sonny really is in these scenes. Is it really that hard for him to believe Kate has a business to run? I guess it is given the previous women in his life.

Ric got an earful of truth from Trevor about Marianna and his past, and it was really, really good to see Rick Hearst given material he could shine with. Ric has worked so hard in the past few weeks to reinvent himself and put his past pain behind him, and I felt the same devastation the character did as his father destroyed every bit of it. In the end, he signed the deeds to the waterfront property over to the man to protect Marianna. He then had to go tell his brother.

Sonny continued in an 'it's all about me' way, chiding Ric for giving into his hate for him and not understanding in the least the choices he had to make. This is all just days after Ric saved Carly's life. How soon Sonny forgets such things.

In the afterglow of Jason telling Liz she was off the hook, he asked if he could tell Monica about Jake. He hoped it would give her something to live for. In what had to be the lowest and most selfish move she's made so far, Liz asked him not to. She fears their secret would be divulged to the world. Like that excuse holds water! There are only about three people in town who doesn't know the truth, and since Carly is one who does, it's only a matter of time before they too are enlightened. Liz really needs to get over herself and for once consider Jason's feelings in all of this.

Claudia stopped by the hospital to get her stitches checked on and spread a little bigoted hate over Robin's HIV status. Again, Sarah Brown is being given recycled scripts from her time as Carly. It must make it easy to remember those lines. She later asked Jason to give the Zacharras a show of good faith on their truce, and kill Trevor. I wonder… can Jason smell a setup?

Spoiler Alert!

In recent days, the cast of the show was surprised with a script to be filmed that very day, which killed off a major character. Everyone was in shock, but the exact details as to who is being written off the show are still a little sketchy. Many believe, however, Lucky's bad luck will finally go to the worst possible as he will be caught in the cross-fire of the now brewing mob war. These scenes will air the week of April 6.

Other spoilers say we will be bidding Trevor and Marianna goodbye and that Michael will also fall victim to an accident that will leave him in a coma. Many are viewing all of this as the result of massive budget cuts, possibly to allow the show to bring on a familiar face. We truly may be seeing the return of Brenda as she rises up from the ashes of death and destruction.

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