Thursday , November 30 2023
Liz comes through without a scratch yet again, while Sonny is blamed for Carly's miscarriage.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Liz Let off the Hook

Jax laid the blame at Sonny's feet while Jason implicated his mother to exonerate Liz.

As Sonny tried to set things right with Michael and Carly over how he mishandled the gun situation, Jax took his anger over the miscarriage out on him. Laying the blame at Sonny's feet was easy and when Carly didn't follow suit, he was angry. Later, in the nursery the two gave way to their grief and gave each other comfort.

How I wish this storyline would follow through on this track, but every instinct I have is telling me CarJax isn't going to survive this one. Their relationship has been tenuous at best with Jax continually running to his brother's defense and rescue, but I still think the pairing had promise and I will mourn their demise.

When pushed by Jason, Monica admitted she had been drinking the night of Sam's accident but said she hadn't known what she hit. She said she launched her cover-up because of the malpractice suit filed by Tracy and then asked her son if he would consider covering up this for her the same way he did business with Sonny every day. He tried to convince Monica to get help for her drinking, but she lashed out at him for stripping everything of importance from her life.

Later, Nikolas visited Monica with plans for a memorial at the hospital to honor Emily. Discovering her drunk, he gave her advice about handling her grief and loss. This was kind of funny coming from the guy who won't have a brain tumor removed because it's allowing him to hallucinate about the dearly departed. After Nikolas left, so did Monica. Having learned nothing from the hit and run, she slid behind the wheel of her car even though she was drunk.

Jason took the truth about the hit and run to Sam, who was incredibly understanding. After getting her own jabs in with Jason over all the pain he's caused in the name of doing business, she promised to not press charges against Monica and later told Lucky he didn't have to romance her to protect Liz any more. Lucky assured Sam he was with her because he wanted to be.

It seemed slightly out of character for Sam to be so forgiving now that she knows it was Monica who hit her. She still lost everything she had when she thought it was Liz. It just reinforces the idea that Sam's hate and need for vengeance for Liz was the motivating factor. I do have to say, though, that I felt somewhat let down that Liz wasn't going to face any consequences for her long laundry list of wrongs.

Okay, so she wasn't the one to have hit Sam, but she did get behind the wheel of her car when she wasn't fit to drive. She was seeing Jason when she promised Lucky she wouldn't (for Jake's sake), and let's not forget the eighteen months worth of lies to Lucky of Jake's paternity. I guess the vengeful side of me would like to see Liz have some bad karma come rolling her way for all she's done.

In an attempt to do something positive with her life, Maxie approached Kate for a job as her new assistant. Kate saw something in Maxie that reminded her of herself and I saw the opportunity for some great story with the troubled teen actually having a job. I'm hoping they push this one forward.

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Ric has no choice but to sign over his waterfront property to Trevor in order to protect Marianna. Robin vs. Claudia, round two. Hmmm, not too much unlike Robin vs. Carly.

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