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Jax and Carly fight their families doubts while all celebrate the union of Luke and Laura.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – In the Name of Love

The cost of taking out Sonny and Jason proved to be high for Lorenzo. Jax and Carly fought Sonny’s and the kids’ interference in their wedding plans while, with the family and friends looking on, Luke and Laura remarried this week.

Even though Lady Jane was unsure Jax and Carly’s love could withstand Sonny’s and the boy’s determination to come between them, the couple held fast in their determination to be together. When Laura told Carly of the conflict of their wedding dates — they were both scheduled for the same day — Carly quickly and happily surrendered the day before Laura could even ask. Jax was hurt, feeling as though it was just the excuse the woman was looking for.

Frustrated, he suggested they elope and told her to meet him at the airport at 9 am if she wanted to get married. Carly resisted at first, insisting she wanted a wedding, but faced with an ultimatum tried to meet Jax – even though Sonny insisted she had to watch the kids because the Nannies had the day off. She made it to the airport just as Jax was giving up hope of her showing, and after more arguing came to the same conclusion Carly had; the only way to fight Sonny and the children was head on. He agreed to a wedding.

This couple is fueled on the tension and controversy that surrounds them. Jax’s willingness to take about anything the boys or Carly’s ex can throw at him is not only a sign of good character, but committed love. I still think we’re a long, long way (if ever) from seeing Jax put a ring on her finger, but the anticipation is more than half the fun with this couple.

Having safely sprung Sam from the hospital, and effectively dodged Ric and the trace bug he placed in Liz’s pocket, Jason set about finding the evidence to clear their names. With Stan’s help, they were able to pin-point the computer the flash drive was fabricated on Professor Peter Marquez’s computer. For a moment it looked like the cynical new hot guy was going to be wrapped up in the mob-war, but he quickly pointed the finger to one of his students, Spinelli, and then foolishly led Jason and Sam right to him.

Only when he is faced with the truth of being one of Lorenzo’s targets, does the ultimate computer geek confess the information on the flash drive was fabricated under the mob boss’ orders. Sonny decides they have enough evidence of the frame that Jason and Sam, with Spenilli, should turn themselves in and brokers the deal with Mac. When Ric gets word of it and that his plan to off Jason and imprison Sam and his brother is falling apart, he and Lorenzo plan an ambush on the couple before they can report to police headquarters.

Diego gets caught up in the rush of being part of his daddy’s business and against his father’s orders ventures into the attack, trying to help take out his father’s nemeses. Through a series of unfortunate and contrived events, Kristina also finds herself in the abandoned warehouse just as Sam fires back at Diego – killing him.

They’ve been building up to this climax for weeks, and it’s played out with enough twists and turns to lay the foundation for future turmoil. Ric thinks Jason is dead from a bullet he fired. (He has no clue he’s in a church, under Liz’s care). At the end of Friday’s episode, Liz told Jason he had to hold on, because her baby is his, not Lucky’s. (Yeah yeah, we already figured that one out.) And Sonny had Ric at gun-point saying he had spared his life time and again because he was his mother’s son – but now that he had killed Jason, all bets were off.

Sonny will wimp out – I have no doubt. I’m not sure why he has a soft-spot for Ric, maybe it’s his own baggage of guilt over the fact he was their mother’s chosen one. Ric certainly deserves some sort of payback for all the pain he’s caused those around him as of late. The glimmer of a good thing to come out of this was Alexis immediately standing by and defending Sam. It would be nice to see these two come to some sort of understanding as mother and daughter instead of being completely at odds.

The main focus of the week, however, was the impending Luke and Laura wedding, and celebration of their 25th anniversary. I had expected more fan-fare, more memory clips, and more of a testament to the unique attraction of this couple to the fans. The closest thing to that we got, was a statement to Tracy by Luke in a rather touching scene where he confessed he did, in fact, love his current wife – who he didn’t divorce, despite what he’s told every one else. “Laura and I never even made any sense to me. But you know, magic doesn’t have to make sense. That’s why it’s magic,” is what the character said and it is all encompassing of their story.

So in the rose garden, the couple rejoined, they shared vows, the ate cake, and the family and viewers celebrated, trying not to think about the fact we only have one more week of this ode to the glory days left. After they left the wedding by horse drawn carriage and danced by a romantically lit waterfall, they settled in for what could have been a romantic wedding night, but was instead the moment Laura asked the question Luke had been dreading – “This isn’t going to last. Is it?”

Tearfully he admitted that he had known all along this was a temporary cure. He said told others he had done it for her, and he had done it for the kids, but deep inside he knew he had brought her back because he was a “selfish bastard” and wanted more time with her, no matter how brief. He begged her forgiveness, and she absolved him, saying if the roles were reversed, she’d had done the same – except she would have told him from the beginning it was only temporary.

They called the kids together, and told them what I think Nikolas had already begun to suspect, it was only a matter of time – precious time – before she slipped away again. As expected, Lulu took it the hardest, fleeing the house with Luke going after her.

As happens when there is so much of a build up, this past week of GH seemed bitter-sweet. Two wonderful actors, bringing new life to two much loved characters and renewing a love that has more than stood the test of time, but the knowledge it was all temporary made it nearly impossible to completely enjoy. Soap Net will air it’s tribute to Luke and Laura next week, with a memory filled dedication show, Luke and Laura 25 – Something Old…. The show will air on the 24th, 25th, and 26th and will be hosted by Tony Geary and Genie Francis.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

(Spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

The Spencer will celebrate Christmas together on Thanksgiving before Laura’s awakening ends. Before she slips away, Lulu will receive the approval she seeks from her mother, and Laura will share a secret with her daughter.

Lulu is also going to find herself in the middle of the mob-war and wrapped up in a secret Professor Marquez is harboring. Look for Dillon to be by her side as Georgie realizes she has no future with the young Quartermaine.

Kristina is more than traumatized by witnessing Diego death, she will slip into a state of catatonia. Jax is said to be the one who can get through to her, and Sonny is going to be saddled with guilt for the role he played in it all.

Liz will give Jason safe harbor as he recovers from his bullet wounds. Informing Sonny and Sam he is okay all the while hoping he forgets her desperate confession of paternity

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