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Can Lulu and Logan work beyond their past?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Logan Emerges From a Coma

Jax makes it clear to Carly he disagreed with the way she wanted to handle Michael's punishment and vowed their child would not be subjected to Jason and Sonny's way of life, while Logan emerged from his coma and Johnny told Claudia he wanted Sonny dead.

After an ultrasound which showed her pregnancy was still viable, Carly asked to see the boys. Against his better judgment, Jax had Michael and Morgan brought to General for a visit. This is when he learned for the first time that Michael was responsible for Kate's shooting. When Carly told her oldest son that she and his father were going to cover up what happened, Jax sent the boys home and told Carly what an awful decision she was making.

There's no doubt Jax was right. If Carly doesn't watch it Michael is going to blossom into a mob boss just like his daddy, but while she's lying in a hospital bed recovering from an explosion with her pregnancy in jeopardy is probably not the best time to fight with her. Unfortunately, it's looking like the one who's going to be hurt the most in all of this is Jax. Very sad, because he is such a good guy.

As Logan emerged from his coma, Scott tried to rekindle and build his parental relationship by offering advice about Lulu. Logan wasn't in the mood for it though, telling his father that he wanted him to stay out of his relationship, or lack there of, with the girl. After some soul-searching, Lulu came to Logan's bedside and admitted she was confused over her torn heart. Logan vowed to wait for her to sort her feelings for both him and Johnny out.

If it were up to me Lulu would pick Logan. I'm much more interested in how these two will work against their fathers' hate for each other to make a go of it than I am about Lulu getting messed up with a mobster. We have Carly for those storylines.

As Johnny saw it, he saved Michael's life and Sonny wasn't the least bit grateful. That and what happened while he was being held has led to Johnny wanting Sonny dead. Claudia seemed to be in agreement, though she cautioned they need to play it smart.

So, I guess Claudia's way of playing it smart is to head to the hospital and verbally threaten Carly that if she doesn't call Sonny off her and her kids will pay. Of course, Carly wasn't smart enough to handle Claudia with any sort of tack at all. Instead, she threatened back. That was, until she was hit with severe stomach cramps.

Is there any doubt this is the beginning of Carly losing the baby?

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Jax and Sonny get into it over Michael. Does Kate get a say? Is anyone going to tell the victim what happened? Lulu and Johnny decide they are better off apart … Until the next time they can't stay away from each other.

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