Saturday , December 9 2023
Thanks to CGI, and bombs left over from the TMK, the waterfront went up in a blaze of glory.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – In a Blaze of CGI Glory

Carly and Michael were reunited, Ric discovered Marianna in trouble, and Sonny and Claudia bargained for Johnny’s freedom as the bombs Diego had planted on the waterfront properties ticked down to an explosive conclusion to Friday’s episode.

Despite a warning from Luke that guilt should not be her motivation, Lulu continued her vigil at Logan’s bedside. She continued to bicker with Scott about Laura and how he had let her take the blame for Rick Webber’s murder. In the end, she told Scott she would not let the bitter feud between their fathers taint her and Logan’s relationship anymore and continued with her vigil.

It’s working too. Logan moved his hand again. I’m hoping he comes to soon, because the dynamic between them is great. Tie that in with the history of their families and there is still a lot of unexplored story here.

Claudia clashed with Trevor over bringing Anthony home to recuperate. Like Trevor, I’m not sure how she’s going to do that since he’s in a hospital for the criminally insane, but she insists. Ric also got a visit from Claudia who tried to use her sexual prowess and the promise of power to get him to give her the waterfront property. So, okay maybe her daddy is right. Maybe she is just a whore. Is this the best they could do with Sarah Brown?

She wasn’t even smart enough to realize that while she was bargaining with Sonny to get her brother back, Trevor was setting her up to put a bullet in her chest at the end of Friday’s show.

Before meeting Claudia, Sonny had found Kate in his office where she told him that Monica had diagnosed a heart infection that could very well shorten her life. She also confessed that Claudia had told her about his one night stand with her. After a long talk the two decided to try and put the past behind them and move forward. I’m wondering if they will be able to do that when Kate finds out it was Michael who was responsible for her shooting. I’m surprised when the two were coming clean with each other, Sonny didn’t at least tell her he suspected it might be true.

With Peg’s persistent persuasion, Michael finally decided to go back to Port Charles. From the cannery, he called Carly and asked her to come get him, but not to bring or tell Sonny about it. After she arrived, he told her about how he had bought the gun and the bullets, and how Sonny and Mike both knew but hadn’t told her. He also tearfully admitted to shooting Kate and reiterated to her what his father had said about running and never looking back. After insisting that he will never follow in his father’s footsteps, Carly told him she was taking him home just as Diego’s planted bombs ticked down to zero and the entire waterfront warehouse district went up in a CGI blaze of glory.

When the dust settles on Monday just who will be caught in the rubble? Obviously, Carly, Michael, Ric, and Marianna were all inside warehouses, but Sonny, Claudia, and Johnny were in the district as well. Are they also victims of the explosion, or will they be the first to respond to those caught in the rubble?

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