Wednesday , April 24 2024
Lulu feels guilty over Logan's condition; Patrick wrestles with the knowledge he's going to be a father.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Guilt and Pain

While Jerry tried to form an alliance with his brother, Lulu wallowed in her guilt and Patrick tried to deal with the realization he was going to become a father.

After learning from his faceless ‘boss’ (who everyone knows is Dr. Devlin) that Jax and Carly are expecting a child, Jerry told his brother he had reconsidered his offer to go into business together. I’m not sure what Jerry’s motivation is here. Is he being selfish and needs Jack’s enterprise to get the coveted waterfront property or are his motives more pure and he wants to protect his brother from Dr. D?

Though we can’t be sure that is what’s going on here, I find it incredibly odd that Jerry has a soft spot for no one but Jax. He can be fiercely protective of his brother and his family, but can shoot to kill a woman who was once his whole life? He’s really too all over the place to be a true anti-hero and too soft in spots to be a true bad guy.

Lulu, still wracked with guilt over clobbering Logan with the wrench and scrambling his brains, paid her one-time boyfriend a visit. Though she had the courtesy to sit at his bedside for awhile, she couldn’t get her mind off Johnny and his disappearance and left Logan to leave another voice mail for Johnny.

Patrick confronted Liz about taking Jake to see Jason, saying Jake’s father (who he assumes is Lucky) probably wouldn’t want the baby around a known mobster. Later, he apologized for interfering where it was none of his business and explained he was still in a tailspin over learning he was going to be a father. I liked these scenes. Not only did we get one of those rare glimpses into Patrick’s softer side but it was nice to remember that these two have a history as friends. Of course, it would have been better if Patrick spilled his heart to his father. This viewer is keeping her fingers crossed we might see these scenes soon.

Alexis visited Nikolas to talk him into having the surgery to remove the tumor. Even though it was obvious he was in a lot of physical pain, Nikolas still refused and continued making plans for Spencer following his death. When hallucinated Emily showed up, Nikolas got belligerent and tossed Alexis out, only to be met with hostility from Emily who also encouraged him to have the surgery. I have to agree with Em and Alexis here. It’s time for Nikolas to get rid of the brain tumor and for Emily to be really dead. Maybe then poor Spencer will get some on-screen time and the viewers get a chance to decide if we like Nikolas and Nadine paired together.

In a final attempt to find out where Sonny is holding Johnny, Claudia went to see her daddy asking for ammunition against the other mob boss. Still crazy as a bat, Anthony did a lot of ranting, but seemed to come through for his daughter. We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

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