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Patrick declares his love for Robin while Luke tries to shield Laura from her painful past.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Hiding Out

Last week on General Hospital, Patrick owned up to his feelings while Skye tried to hide from hers about Lorenzo and his life of crime. Sam and Jason continued to hide from the law, and Luke shielded Laura from her past.

It's been a long time coming, and a moment scrub fans have been waiting for — Patrick admitted to Robin he loved her. Though it was first uttered in a heated debate over his surgical practices, "Don't think just because I love you…," the statement scared Robin and saw her putting up all her defenses. Later, they shared a more romantic moment with music, flowers, and a mutual declaration.

I hope the writers don't take this as a cue to begin the slow destruction of the couple — one of the few with energy, charisma, and chemistry. With both Patrick and Robin being doctors and the issue of her HIV status, there is really no shortage of storylines, and hopefully every one will be explored and not overlooked. They had been rumored to be victims of the Enduro condom scandal and it was certainly a missed opportunity for a great story.

Skye continued to allow Lorenzo to be a part of baby Lila's life and went so far as to go out with him to the Haunted Star, even though she admits his new plan to protect his family by becoming the biggest and baddest criminal around scares her. And it should. A mob war is brewing, as if Jason and Sam sneaking into the house to get information from Lorenzo's computer, holding her baby while they were there, and Sonny coming in with his henchman to confront the other man, interrupting their dinner, wasn't enough warning. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know when it all explode, there will be victims in the crossfire.

Aside from breaking into Lorenzo's home to gain access to his computer and try to figure out who put exactly what on the fabricated flashdrive, Jason and Sam continued to hide out from the police, obtaining safe harbor at the Metro Court. It didn't take long for the police to figure out Jason would look to Carly for help and the couple moved to another hideaway apartment.

They probably would have been good, except Sam couldn't resist the urge to visit her baby's grave on the second anniversary of her death — a move Ric was counting on. He had staked the cemetery with officers, and when Sam tried to run, she was shot. Though the bullet only grazed her arm, Ric insisted she go to the hospital so he could set a trap for Jason. Sam was sedated and hidden away while an undercover operative was put in the emergency room. It was released to the news she was in critical condition and, despite Sonny's warning, Jason came running.

Carly, Elizabeth, and Epiphany all worked together to get both Sam and Jason safely out of the hospital and out from under Ric's grip. But unbeknownst to Elizabeth, he planted a tracking device in the pocket of her smock. At the end of Friday's episode he had come up with the location of Sam and Jason's hiding place.

I still find it sad a majority of the characters on General Hospital think nothing of lying to the police and DA to protect and shelter known criminals, especially mob hitmen. Not once or twice, but repeatedly, and daily. It was promised to us months ago the storylines were going to turn from the mob and head back toward the hospital… I'm still waiting.

The only good thing to come out of this newest run from the law is it seems Jason and Sam are back together. Sorry to all the fans of Jason with Elizabeth, but I just don't feel the chemistry there. Granted, Sam has a way of grinding on our last collective nerve, but I'm hoping she will follow through with her recent resolve to live more for herself and become less dependent on Jason.

As hard as Luke tried to shield Laura from the memories of her past — the memories that had caused her mind to shut down in the first place — it was his reaching out to Lulu that would open the door for Laura.

Having overheard the teen canceling a date with her professor because it conflicted with her parents' nuptials, Luke asked her about the relationship. In turn, the conversation spun to the subject of her recent paper and Lulu's fears she would have a mental breakdown like her mother had. Luke reassured the girl, telling her every doctor he had talked to had said the condition was not hereditary. The entire conversation was overheard by Laura through an open window.

Memories began to flash in her mind, and eventually led her up to the attic, where it all crashed in on her. Luke found her, and tried to persuade her to allow him to take her to the doctors. She refused, saying all she needed was his love, his care, and the truth from him. He resisted, explaining his inability to care for her in the past had led to her four year break from reality. She adamantly refused doctor's involvement and insisted Luke fill in any and all remaining holes in her memory.

Together, they rehashed the incidents which led to her catatonic state and eventual complete break, and, in the end, Laura assured Luke she was fine and she would not return to the dark place in her mind. She was determined to live her life, and not leave her family again.

As wonderful as all of these scenes have been, it's hard to not be disappointed at the intense speed they are rushing through this story. There has been little development, very little tension, and much too fast resolution. The story has just begun and it will be over all too soon.

Genie Francis' interaction with other characters has been strictly limited to the Spencer clan, and even more focused to Luke and her children, with only a limited scenes with Leslie and Bobbie. If this was to be used as tribute to the past, it would have been nice to see scenes with Robert and Anna Scorpio as well. But Tristan Rogers said in a recent Soap Opera Digest interview that he shared no scenes with Francis during her limited return to the show.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

According to soapzone, Luke and Laura's remarriage will take place as planned, with uninvited guest Helena Cassadine renewing the curse she placed on the couple at their first wedding. Carly, who had originally planned her nuptials with Jax on the same day, will postpone theirs in honor of the beloved couple.

No surprises on either front. The November 16 episode will be all about the Luke and Laura that once were, with little promise of a future. The show has no intention of renewing the couple's love or promise, only remembering the past. It also serves as a non-Sonny reason to keep Jax and Carly from following through on their commitment.

Diego will be the victim caught in the mob war crossfire, according to GHH2. Also not all that surprising as Deigo is an interesting character, but one the writers have tended to ignore. I'm sure the incident will also serve as a catalyst to create tension between Skye and Lo, or to move him away from a criminal life.

Soap Scoops says Kristina will witness the crossfire and be adversely effected by it. I look for this to be the ammunition Alexis uses to keep Ric away from both her daughters.

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