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Nikolas saves the day again.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Nikolas Saves Nadine

As Spinelli tried to recover from accidentally dosing himself with chloroform, Cassius was at Kelly's pushing him to look into Stan's death for Epiphany. Spin promised it was the very next case Jackal PI would take on, but he had one important task to do first. After making plans to meet up later, he headed out to the cemetery to commemorate Georgie's birthday.

Maxie showed up and the two reflected on Georgie's life and what they had accomplished in finding her killer and clearing Cooper's name. It's a bit ironic the two are tied since Georgie's belief that Coop was the TMK is what got her into trouble in the first place. I was super-resistant to making Maxie and Spin a couple at first. I just didn't think they could redeem her enough to put her in a relationship with someone as vulnerable as him. What I have come to accept is the two of them really do make great friends. They complement and balance the other's neurosis. Who knows, if they keep delivering this much good entertainment, I may warm up to them being a couple yet.

Nikolas returned to the cannery with Robin in tow to look for the missing Nadine. When a vision of Emily appeared, Nikolas drove Robin, who now realizes Ian was right about hallucinations, away. Emily, or Emily's memory, helped him work through the clues and he found the nurse at the bottom of the elevator shaft. After the crisis was over, Emily reappeared and tried to convince Nikolas to have the surgery. Please, Nikolas! Have the surgery! Put Emily to rest and get on with your life with your son whether it's with or without Nadine.

I realize the writer's strike played a huge role in slowing the progression of these stories, but I'm sick of the tumor and I'm twice as sick of anything having to do with Jerry Jax as James Craig. Speaking of boring twists, is there anyone out there who doesn't know Jerry's mysterious overlord is Ian Devlin? Quit trying to shroud it in mystery by showing us nothing but that silly tattoo on his back. The voice gives him away. We all get it. We all know the good doctor is really bad. Let's move on to the heart of the story.

Carly was having a bad day. First her tongue lashing of Liz was interrupted by Epiphany threatening to use her hair as a mop if she didn't let her nurse get to the tenth floor, then she had to overhear Jax and Kate having a heart to heart and sharing secrets. Tie that all together with Michael being missing and I wonder if Dr. Lee is going to find a problem with her pregnancy. For Jax's sake, I hope not. I just hope he realizes he's going to have to be the main child care provider, because Carly is only an involved parent when there is nothing else for her to butt her nose in.

Claudia tried to reason with Sonny, who seems to have lost that function of his brain as of late. He's going to feel so stupid when Michael finally does call or just come home.

Ric and Trevor got into a fight in the cannery over Ric's past and his present with Marianna. No one was aware, but by shoving Trevor into the metal pole, he inadvertently set off the timer to all those bombs that are now ticking down to a massive waterfront explosion. Ric can at least look at it this way — he won't have to pay for demolition if he decides to move forward with his waterfront mall project.

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