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Superman lets others help with the rescue this time.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason (and Lucky) Save the Day

This article covers episodes from March 3 and March 4.

Patrick didn’t take the ‘daddy’ news very well. The way he has been with his suspicions for the last couple weeks, I had expected a different reaction from him, though I’m not sure why. He’s actually being true to form. He’s angry Robin didn’t tell him, but on the other hand he’s scared to death of being a father. I still say I would like to see Patrick’s Daddy sit down and talk about all this with him. Exactly where has Dr. Noah Drake been, anyway?

Patrick ran off to Jake’s to lick his wounds and then tried to start something up with Claudia. Thankfully, she was not acting like herself and got up and walked away. I’m really quite sick of seeing Sarah Brown as Claudia revisit every bed Carly has been in. If this is a way for the writers to test her on-screen chemistry with the testosterone on the show, it really is a lousy plan. All it’s done is turn her into a big slut.

Sonny’s still been acting like a madman, holding Johnny and beating on Trevor while screaming, “I want my son back.” He went to give an update to Carly and she questioned him about the Alcazar connection Jason was looking into. When Sonny continued his song and dance that all bad things in the world come from the Zaccharas, Jax called him out saying he wasn’t willing to risk Michael’s life and safety on Sonny’s hunches. Bravo! It’s about time someone tells Sonny he not always right. When the truth of Michael’s disappearance comes to light, Sonny’s going to have a lot of crow to eat.

Jason was able to pull Liz from the car teetering on the edge of the bridge and was just about to get Sam out when it went over the edge. I could hear happy cheers from all the Sam-haters out there, but I’m sorry to report Lucky was able to save her, even with a bullet in his shoulder. Too bad Liz had to skew the facts to Mac later and say, “Jason saved all of us.” Yeah… yeah… he’s superman, I know. But right now, he’s superman with his hands all gashed up. Good thing there are three neurosurgeons at GH and a Dr. Ian with ties to underworld miracle cures. Jason is going to need them.

One good thing about watching that car topple over the bridge is we’re done with CGI. (Can I do a happy dance now?) No, wait, we’re not done with it yet. Tune into the end of Wednesday’s episode so Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) can explain the secrets behind these not-so-special effects.

At the abandoned Alcazar warehouse, Nikolas and Nadine fought over past pain and hanging on to people who were no longer of this world while the nurse tried to talk the Prince out of killing Diego in revenge. Nikolas fought with particularly cutting words and sent Nadine away as he went off to brood and plan his revenge. Of course, he would get hit with one of his blackout episodes just as Diego got his hands on Nadine. She didn’t need him anyway. All she needs is the aerosol can in her purse. (Was that hairspray? Resourceful Nadine!)

At episode’s end, Diego was activating the bombs in his father’s warehouse (the prized property the five families, Sonny, Claudia, and Jerry all want) when Nikolas came up behind him, grabbing him.

Coming up on the next GH: Nikolas and Diego fight to one of their deaths, the endless battle between Luke and Scott continues to rage, Dr. Ian puzzles Sam.

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