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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sam and Liz in Diego’s Clutches

This article covers episodes from Feb. 27 and 28.

Sure that the Zacchara family was behind all of his problems, Sonny had Johnny kidnapped and taken to an abandoned psychiatric hospital in the middle of nowhere. I’m thinking Sonny should have been placed in a padded cell right next to the one he threw Johnny in. He also had his goons take Trevor, and demanded Michael be returned. It’s going to be hard for Claudia to do anything Sonny demands since her family had nothing to do with either the shooting or his son’s disappearance.

As part of its public service storylines, and in cooperation with Campbell’s Soup, when Epiphany was released from the hospital she was escorted by Dr. Julian and Cassius to a “Go Red” luncheon at Kelly’s. The actual organization is made up of women who have survived heart disease and have committed themselves to teaching others about how to prevent and know the warning signs of a heart attack. All the luncheon attendees were actual members of “Go Red.”

Though I can appreciate the soap devoting time to a serious issue that does affect many women, and can’t deny it’s all good when we are treated to scenes with Epiphany, I couldn’t help but think this one was just a bit contrived. It only scratched the surface of what they could have done. It would be nice if in the coming weeks we could have a story revolving around the head nurse’s recovery done in an accurate way that also empowers women with knowledge.

Patrick’s attempts to get a direct answer out of Robin regarding the paternity of her baby were interrupted by the condition of Joe’s wife and unborn child. When Dr. Lee consulted with Patrick and Robin about a possible cause for her mysterious problems, Dr. Ian, who was standing by, had the idea of counterfeit generic prescription drugs, specifically prenatal vitamins and a common dangerous ingredient in the low-cost knock offs. After giving a little speech about how the high cost of pharmaceuticals and the illegal solutions to the problem were destroying America’s health care, the four doctors were off to save the day and the baby.

So it would seem they are already setting up Dr. Ian as the bad guy you just can’t completely hate because he’s good at heart. Hmmm, sounds like Sonny and Jason’s character type doesn’t it? We’ve seen the not-so-good doctor fighting with Jerry Jacks over a shipment that was lost (shipment of what we’re not sure). We’ve also seen him pushing an experimental drug at Nikolas while asking for discretion. I have no doubt he’s the mastermind behind the drug Jerry used to control Nikolas, but we are to believe it’s all for a good reason – to combat the big business of American pharmaceutical companies. It just seems over the top to me.

Somehow Michael found his way off the boat and into the cabin of an old mountain woman with a shotgun. She was kind enough to feed him some chocolate, and inquire as to why he was running away. All he could respond with was “I did something no one will be able to forgive me for.” Meanwhile, Jax was tired of waiting for Sonny to find out something and put his own team of private investigators on the case of finding the boy.

After Nadine found Nikolas passed out behind a dumpster, recovering from a blackout, the two went with hallucinated Emily back to Wyndemere so Nikolas could relive the night Emily died in his mind. Though both he and Emily had to relive her being strangled, the experiment worked and Nikolas remembered that it was Diego Alcazar. With Emily gone, Nadine and Nikolas went back to PC to tell Jason what he had remembered. While they were talking, Jason got a call from Max saying he had been run down by a masked man who had Elizabeth handcuffed in the back of his car.

Off Superman went to save the day, while Diego raced out of town (courtesy of really bad graphic editing) with Elizabeth in the backseat of his car and Sam tied up in the trunk. Unaware that Jason had the evidence he was hoping Spinelli would find, Spin and Maxie went out to investigate a clue left behind by Cooper.

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