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Two unlikely allies become partners and one death may give another life.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jesse is Shot

Monday’s show was centered around Luke trying to make enough profit at the Haunted Star’s re-opening to pay back the 50 grand he borrowed from Tracy and ward off her threats of taking The Star in lieu of cash. It wasn’t looking good, especially with Lucky on a winning streak. At the last minute, Nikolas put a $30,000 bet on the roulette table, betting on black. The result was red, Nicholas lost, and Luke had the money to pay Tracy.

It was unclear if Nikolas’ motives were to help Luke out or to help further dig his grave, but I suspect it was the latter. Any doubts were erased in the coming days. Tracy discovered there were back taxes owed on the floating casino and threatened to take possession of The Star by paying them. Lulu begged her wealthy half-brother to bail her father out again, fearing if Luke lost The Star he would leave town and her. Nikolas was unwilling to give or loan Luke the money, but did offer to make a financial investment in the casino. Luke, of course, refused the offer at first, not wanting to be indebted to the young Cassadine, but in the end had no other choice. The two agreed to become 50/50 partners, with Luke retaining the right to make all managerial decisions.

I think this is a really interesting partnership. The tensions between the two characters should make for some great storylines in the future, especially if rumors of Genie Francis’ return this summer pan out. It will be interesting to see if Luke can ever overcome his contempt for the Cassadine family to develop some sort of loyalty to the son of the only woman he has ever really loved.

Ric left the Star opening to go to try to talk some sense into Sam, asking her to stop following Alexis and allow space and distance so she could heal and put her animosity aside. Still furious and devastated, she pushed Ric. Jason, still reeling from seeing his sister with Sonny, came in just in time to witness Ric grab Sam to keep her from lashing out. He, in turn, assaulted Ric.

Furious, Ric went to his brother, Sonny, and warned him if he didn’t rein in Jason and his temper, he would press charges against the hitman. Overhearing the conversation, Emily began to realize Jason would never forgive her and Sonny for lying to him.

It’s hard for me to believe this Med student can be so thick. For months (upon months) Carly warned both Emily and Sonny that Jason would never accept the relationship. All of Carly’s predictions are about to come true. And only now is Emily beginning to regret the lies. Sonny is being just as stupid thinking that lying to Jason is for the best. It’s all about to blow up and it should make for some interesting viewing next week as the relationship between these three characters begins to unravel.

Carly had a busy week. After leaving the Star opening she and Jax hit the sheets, diffusing all that sexual tension that had been building between the two. In the afterglow, the couple decided to keep the relationship low-key — a friendship with benefits. Yeah, yeah, okay, they have already demonstrated they are beyond this stage with brewing jealousies and passions. I look for this to continue to be a volatile pairing with lots of ups and downs in the future and plenty of fun to watch.

Carly also happened upon Sam’s paternity secret and had all kinds of fun, both warning Jason and Sam while taunting Sonny and his blossoming guilt. With yet another person in Port Charles knowing this worst kept secret ever, it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing explodes.

Exploding … okay, gunfire, is exactly what happened at the carnival on last Thursday’s episode. Manny’s ordered hit on Diego went south, and Jesse got caught in the crossfire. Lucky was left feeling guilty for dragging the off-duty cop into his stake-out and Maxie was left reeling as her boyfriend lay in critical condition. At the hospital, Jesse was put on a ventilator while they tried to stabilize him enough to operate and Maxie was asked if she knew whether or not Jesse was an organ donor. (Okay, so you where this is going. Right?) On Friday it was discovered that there was too much brain damage for an operation to be successful, Jesse was in fact already brain-dead.

I’m rather ambivalent about the loss of this character; I think he’s only had a handful of scenes since I began watching the show last December. I’ve never grown an attachment, and won’t miss him either. I only wish they would have showed some sort of tie in to the fact that Maxie is an organ donor recipient, maybe emphasized that is why Jesse chose to be one. Something to show he had been committed to her in some way would have been nice as they’ve always painted this couple as rather distant.

Noah’s condition worsened throughout the week. After another hot-headed fight with Patrick on Monday, the younger Dr. Drake was willing to just walk away and let his father die. Robin tracked him down and reminded him he would never forgive himself if he allowed that to happen. In an attempt to force Noah to realize how desperate his situation was, Patrick offered him a syringe with a lethal dose of tranquilizer, telling him if he was determined to die he should spare them both the suffering. Angrily, Daddy Drake threw the syringe at his son as he left the room.

Later in the week, Patrick told his father he had kept his name on the donor list and begged him to sign the papers allowing the surgery. Noah furiously spit, “To Hell with you, Patrick,” before falling into a coma. Patrick said aloud that he was glad his father finally agreed to accept a donor organ to which Robin nodded and agreed that would be their story.

When Jesse’s life was in jeopardy on Thursday, it was pointed out that he was a blood type match and donor possibility for Noah. Robin warned Patrick against performing Jesse’s surgery, saying she had every faith the doctor would do all he could to save his patient, but if Jesse died it would not look good. A prediction to what is going to unfold this week? Probably, as Lucky already overheard the doctors discussing how fishy it was that the first patient the young talented Dr. Drake ever lost just happened to be a probable liver donor for his father.

The doctors Drake again proved to be the highlight of the week, and the one storyline that kept me tuning in for more — more anger, more angst, and more compassion when Patrick kissed his comatose father’s head and whispered he would not let him die. I don’t look for this story to be wrapped up so neatly, however. It has yet to be proven that Jesse’s liver is a match, only that they were of the same blood type.

Coming Next Week Robin defends Patrick to all naysayers, Lucky wallows in his guilt over Jesse’s death, and Luke vows revenge against Lorenzo.

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