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Lorenzo finds Skye, and Lucky loses Liz.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Anger Arises, Anguish Abounds

Everyone is angry at Liz for not knowing who's the baby's daddy, while Lucky and Sam weep for what they are losing and have lost. Dillon and Lulu still struggle over her decision and try to find their way, while Maxie manipulates to get her man and some change in her pocket on General Hospital

Learning Maxie is pregnant with Lucky's baby has been, as far as Liz is concerned, the final nail in her marriage's coffin. Yet somehow, her indiscretion and "who's the daddy?" question have made her the favorite object of hate and scorn this past week. Sam, who turned to Jason and once again declared she can't live without him, had to hear the hitman's confession. To say she was devastated would be an understatement.

Later, at Nikolas', while holding Spencer, she spilled the painful realization that Liz is getting the one thing she always wanted and would never be able to have — Jason's baby. Nikolas hadn't had a clue about Liz's one nighter or the possibility of the baby not being Lucky's, but suddenly, a lot of things made sense. He promised Sam not to tell Lucky or anyone else, but then immediately called Jason over to berate him about staying away from either member of his family.

When Sam found herself alone on the docks with Liz, she lashed out at the woman, making her the target of her anger and grief before running to Jason's extra room to cry over the belongings of her lost child. Hurt and betrayed, Lulu also lashed out at Liz for not confiding about her pregnancy when she counseled her on her choices. Liz went to Carly to give her a head's up on Lulu's heartache, knowing the two have become close — and was met with another spite-filled lecture from Carly.

With so much venom suddenly directed at a character who had been pretty much liked by all before this week, I can only ask why, and what's coming? Especially given it's only one-sided — everyone's mad at Liz, but they understand what Jason was going through and it's not really his fault at all. (Say what?) Well, except for the usual Jason-haters. At the close of Friday's show, Lulu overheard Liz say the baby might be Jason's, so now she has something else to hate Liz for, even though she promised Lucky she would try and make peace with her for Cameron's sake.

Robert came back from leading Alcazar on a wild goose chase only to find out the other man had intercepted a call from Skye to Alan and had found the mother of his unborn child. Luke, who just returned from Paris, was determined to help save his one time girlfriend and with Sonny's help pulled Lorenzo's whereabouts out of Diego. Shockingly, it didn't take too much effort to get the goods out of him. Later, Diego confided in Lulu that his little brother or sister didn't deserve to live in his father's dangerous lifestyle and told the girl he was just as determined as Skye to protect the child from their father.

So off goes Luke again – this time with Robert – but only after stopping by Shadybrook to fill his kids in. He stopped short of telling them about the possible treatment for Laura against Sonny's advice. Sonny had advised Luke that Lulu was hurting and deserved to be part of the decision involving her mother. Luke disagreed, saying he wouldn't give either child false hope. He isn't aware Lucky already knows about it. Lucky asked Luke to stay and take care of his own family for once. Luke said he owed it to Skye to help her and left.

Robert and Luke off on an adventure together, that has to be good. Right? I mean, it should be good viewing, especially coming just ten days or so before Genie Francis makes her long-awaited return to the role of Laura. I'm still hoping the month of November will be a stepping stone taking GH back to its former greatness, maybe making better use of some of the characters who made it so strong back then.

When the press found out ELQ was aware of the defective Enduro condoms, it was Dillon who offered to address the press and try to downplay the company's liability. He stated he too had been affected, but all condoms have a failure rate — especially when improperly used. Tracy, Alan, and Monica all thought it was a bad idea to not just own up to the company's failure, but Dillon insisted, much to the delight of Edward.

Georgie was aghast that Dillon would play the company and family lines, telling him she didn’t recognize him or Lulu anymore. Lulu defended Dillon, saying she didn't agree with what he had done, but both of them were dealing with her abortion in their own ways and trying to make sense of it all.

Scott Cliffton (Dillon) and Marie Berman (Lulu) continue to be the shining stars to watch, giving heartfelt performances and playing out the emotions beautifully. Watching Dillon and Lulu rebuild and reconnect has been an absolute highlight of late, and I continue to root for these two. It will be interesting to see how the return of Laura will affect these them.

Despite Sonny's best efforts and those of Max, Michael, and Morgan as well, Jax and Carly continued to grow closer. Friday's episode saw Jax planning and executing a romantic candlelight dinner on the docks, ending with him proposing marriage. Will Carly say yes? Will Sonny let her say yes?

Alexis came home from the hospital one night before beginning chemotherapy. Ric was supportive, made her dinner, and they sat on the deck of their new home and talked for a long time. In his kind words, and really rather stupid gift of a wig, Alexis began to see glimpses of the man she married and her hatred and hurt seemed to melt. He also gave her a pin of the Eiffel tower, telling her he wanted to go on a family vacation to Paris as soon as she was well enough, and she should hold the pin in her hands while getting the chemo treatments and plan for their future.

Sooner or later the not-so-secret night Ric and Sam spent together will come to light, and all three will have to deal with it. Whether this foundation Ric and Alexis are now building will see them through the storm is yet to be seen. Early indicators are saying the waters are going to get a lot rougher before this family sees smooth sailing again.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

After much hesitation, Carly will accept Jax's proposal, says The Scoop. The same site says Mac will be furious to find out about Maxie's pregnancy. He will also persuade her to call off her lawsuit against ELQ, and will pay a visit to Lucky at Shadybrook.

Yay! Looks like we will be seeing plenty of this Scorpio this week, a character often neglected by the powers that be at GH. I'm still completely unsure if Maxie is actually pregnant. She seemed to go out of her way to make sure Dr. Lee wouldn't have to perform a pregnancy test of her own, though it won't be a secret she'll be able to keep forever.

According to General Hospital Happenings 2 Sam and Jason will vow to make another go of their relationship — despite Alexis' and Nikolas' misgivings and the fact Liz may be pregnant with Jason's baby. Who knows for how long, as Soapzone News says Kelly Monaco (Sam) is set to either not renew her contract or only sign if she is given plenty of time to pursue other projects. Only time will tell if these two are star-crossed lovers or doomed to be apart.

GHH2 also reports we'll see a return of Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield) on Thursday's episode. As is par for the course, he will be disagreeing with Patrick. The father-son chemistry between these two is always dynamic, which should make the episode a not-to-be missed one.

Emily will become wise to psycho nanny Colleen's ways this week and take steps to protect Nikolas, says Soapzone. With all the nanny has done and all the people she has angered, is she destined to become one of the whodunit victims I mentioned last week? Emily, Nikolas, Alfred, and Helena all have reason.

Soapzone also says Ric will discover the non-secret that Jason may be Liz's baby's father, and will be incensed by the possibility. He will goad Jason into a fight and then press charges against him. Sonny will get a first glance at Liz's paternity test – don't ask me how Sonny is going to be the first to see a private medical document, but it doesn't surprise me… not one bit.

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