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Who's the baby's daddy and where's the baby's mommy were the most popular questions asked last week.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

Half the residents of Port Charles continue to suffer the consequences of the ELQ debacle, while the other half are caught up in the brewing war between the Corinthos and Alcazar organizations this past week on General Hospital.

With the hope of a future with Elizabeth, Cameron, and the baby she is carrying, Lucky checked himself into rehab. What he doesn't know is that Liz isn't sure if the baby is his or Jason's. Maxie pushed Lulu into a corner until she blurted out the name of the rehab facility he's in, then trotted her way up there to try to win him back. No matter how Lucky said it, Maxie refused to accept that they were over, but she finally left, telling him that when Liz divorced him, she would still be there waiting.

In the meantime, Jason finally got a clue and figured out there was a possibility that he was the father of the baby just as Liz was about to tell him as much. Though he admitted the news would devastate Sam, he told her he would take care of Liz, Cameron, and the baby no matter the results of the paternity test, a fact that made her even more anxious. She realizes she is in a no-win situation. (Hmmm, drug addict or mob hitman… how's a girl to choose?)

Later, Carly overheard Liz and Epiphany having a conversation about Jason, and made a beeline to her friend's apartment. Hiding behind the pretense of caring about him, it came off more like her worrying that once Jason had a family he wouldn't have so much time to hold her hand and fix her messes. Jason made it clear that if Liz was carrying his baby he was going to be a father to it.

It was about time Jason figured out what absolutely everyone in town already knew.  I was starting to wonder how dense he could be. Then, he went on about how he could take care of her and his child, no matter the dangers in his life, and I wanted to smack him. Wasn't "his life" the whole reason he pushed Sam away and didn't want his sister with Sonny? It didn't seem to even cross his mind to get his life straight. I'll at least give Lucky credit there.

After leaving the rehab facility, Maxie decided it was time for her too to take a pregnancy test. I'm surprised there were any left on the drugstore shelves since they've been in such high demand. She then returned to Shadybrook to deliver the good news, only Lucky didn't think it was so good. To say he was shocked is an understatement. Devastated probably rings closer to the truth.

Me? I'm not buying it. Maxie has been lying and manipulating to keep her claws in Lucky for months. There's no reason to believe this cheetah has suddenly changed her spots. I don't put it above her to not only be using this to reclaim her man, but to try and extort some cash from the Quartermaines. The resulting problem will be how she will either become really pregnant or the story she'll use to lose it.

After a run-in with Professor Marquez (of whom I'm personally re-evaluating my first impression), an argument with Maxie, and a confrontation with Georgie, Lulu went to visit her mother. While talking to her, Dillon showed up and the couple had yet another tender moment, sharing their mutual pain – until Dillon asked her to help him run interference with the pending lawsuits against ELQ.

Lucky also visited his mother, since he was conveniently staying on the same grounds. He ran into Robin, who hesitantly filled him in on why Luke left town again and the medical treatment she is hoping will bring Laura back from her catatonic state. Enough with the build-up already! I'm more than ready for Laura to get up out of that chair, give Lulu a big hug, and smack Lucky for being such a jerk. (Genie Francis returns for a limited run the week of October 28.)

At the end of his rope, Lorenzo began leaning on Robin. Telling young Scorpio that if her father didn't tell him the whereabouts of Skye and his unborn child, her father would be sorry. After she ignored his first threat, much to Patrick's dismay, the arms dealer had his henchman grab her on the docks so he could make himself clear.  This time Patrick stepped in and called Robert, despite Robin's insistence she would not bow down to the slimy threats.

The confrontation on the docks between Robert and Lorenzo again reminded me how disappointing it has been for the writers to bring back such a wonderful character as Robert Scorpio and then not give him anything to work with. The Scorpio of old would never have moronically walked into a situation where he could be beat to a pulp by a bunch of henchmen. Robin discovered him on the docks at the end of Friday's show and it will be interesting to see how she handles the situation this week.

Where all others failed to convince Alexis that chemotherapy was her best, if not only, course of treatment, Carly and Sonny managed to succeed. All it took was the duo visiting her in her hospital room with talk of how they had reunited and were planning to remarry. (All false, at least at this very moment). Carly droned on and on about how they couldn't wait to get Kristina home with them (after Alexis dies) and how the boys will be thrilled to have their sister close to them. But I think it was the promise of shopping trips and dying the girl's hair blond that pushed Alexis over the edge. She agreed to the chemo, to the delight of all those around her.

Want a sneak peak at what is going to happen this week (and further into the future) on General Hospital? Keep reading.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Elizabeth will be shocked and hurt to see Lucky out of rehab so soon, and will refuse to listen to him as he tries to warn her of Maxie's condition. Later, she will hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak, and serve her husband with divorce papers, according to soapzone.

About promises we are on the verge of a classic whodunit – possibly two. Look for several characters to continue to throw around "I will kill you" until we have our victim(s) and suspect(s).

Robert sends Lorenzo on a wild goose chase in search of Skye and his unborn baby. Luke steps in when he fears Skye may actually be in danger of being found. She will return to Port Charles this week says, soapcentral.

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