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With Emily's funeral comes another blow to a Port Charles cornerstone family.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The End of an Era

Warning: There are spoilers and rumors in the body of today's article.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital it was the day of Emily's funeral, and just about every resident of Port Charles prepared to attend. What saddened me the most was watching the continual dissolution of the Quartermaines, a family that has been a cornerstone of the show's make up since its heyday in the '80s.

One by one, members of this family have been picked off or moved out of town. All that remains are Edward, Monica, and Tracy – characters we normally see only on rare occasions. It's hard to count Jason among them, as he has separated himself from the family, and has now been disowned by Monica for his perceived role in Emily's demise.

Many think the end of soap operas on television is inevitable. None enjoy the ratings success they did twenty years ago, and most struggle to do the best they can with their small budgets. I think they are salvageable, but I doubt those in charge will do what needs to be done to fix them – remember what made viewers tune in to begin with.
The people who watch soaps do so because they want to follow familiar characters through long-term storylines. They aren't necessarily interested in stories that can be tied up in neat little bows during the span of thirty to sixty minutes. They want to watch them go through the ups and downs of their lives. These characters become like friends. We laugh through their joyous times and cry at their funerals.

I'm aware that Robert Guza has been quoted in every soap magazine out there saying, "All is not what it seems," and, "This will have the most romantic ending we've ever done." Some are saying the death is another ruse perpetuated by Helena Cassadine and the role will be recast in the spring and Emily will return to her Prince (possibly with a baby in tow), but the way storylines get rehashed and reused is the subject for another rant.

Beginning Friday, Nikolas will start seeing Emily, though we are told it will be very different from the way Tracy sees Alan. "She is not a ghost, nor is she Nikolas' conscience," says Guza. Will she really come back via a recast in May? For the sake of this family that's quickly becoming extinct, I hope so.

The highlights of Tuesday's show were Michael and Morgan visiting Monica and seeing all of the veteran actors and characters dusted off and making their appearance. Though Jason tried to honor Monica's wish and not attend the funeral, with coaxing from Carly he showed up just as the service was beginning.

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Emily's funeral continues.

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