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Is pregnancy contagious?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Strangers, Secrets, And Schemes

Last week mixed the medical stories (abortion, lung cancer, HIV, and a contagious outbreak of pregnancy) with mob stories and romantic liaisons.

The abortion continues to have lasting effects on both Lulu and Dillon. The young Quartermaine decided to abandon his educational path in film for a business degree, and thrilled his grandfather when he asked for an internship at ELQ. Tracy, Lulu, and Georgie both saw clearly to the heart of the matter, but Dillon firmly asserted pursuing the family business was real life, whereas a film career would lead to a phony existence. He wants his life to mean something.

On the other extreme, Lulu seemed quite content to mope around the Quartermaine mansion in her ratty old bathrobe. She eventually headed down to the college campus toward the end of Tuesday's episode, with the intention of dropping out of college and having her tuition refunded back to the Qs. Enter Professor Peter Marquez (Eddie Matos), who Lulu first mistook for a fellow student. With a bit of reverse psychology and some witty, biting dialogue between the two characters, the sizzling young professor gave Lulu the determination and desire to return to college just to prove him wrong. Later, Dillon asked if she needed her life to account for something as well.

It appears Professor Marquez could be a refreshing addition to the "younger" cast as all the teen characters are now enrolled at PCU. He seems to be someone Lulu can not only stand up to, but will eventually come to rely on and trust. I hope they avoid a romantic angle as I continue to root for Lulu and Dillon to reunite. Their chemistry sparks so much brighter than with Dillon and Georgie.

Sonny continued to play mischievous middle, trying to keep Jax and Carly apart. Though he claimed it wasn't his intention, his actions seemed to encourage Michael and Morgan to believe their parents are going to get back together. (The kids have been paying attention to the cycle.) However, they only seemed to make Carly more determined to make things work with Jax.

The story line is both refreshing and frustrating. I like seeing the mischievous side of Sonny and the side that truly cares about Carly and his kids. It's more entertaining and better presented than his other stories, which involve him repeatedly mumbling "I will kill you." But I'm more inclined to enjoy a Carly and Jax love connection than to see Carly and Sonny back together.

"Scrubs" (Robin and Patrick) returned from a mysterious disappearance. While caring for Alexis, Patrick showed signs of illness, including a low-grade fever. Despite knowing it had to be done, it took prodding from Robin to get him to take an HIV test. Because the symptoms also could indicate strep throat, Alan ran a test for that, too.

The scenes with Robin's roommates, Kelly and Lainey, helping to care for an ailing Patrick added comic relief to the dramatic scenes between Robin and Patrick discussing the disease. We also got a glimpse into Patrick's past with some heartfelt discussion about his mom. The only thing missing from this, one of my favorite story lines, is the equally mysterious absence of Daddy Drake.

Nikolas, Sam, and Ric couldn't seem to agree on which option was the best for Alexis' recovery. In the end, it was decided to bring the woman from the induced coma before she suffered brain damage. The way she's been acting since, I wonder if they were too late. Physically she seems fine, but is determined to proceed with alternative medicine options instead of chemo. Alexis is controlling (nothing new) and wants to control the cancer as well. For the first time, she's up against a foe she can't wield her power over. Maybe on the other side of this experience (should the character survive), Alexis will learn a bit of humility and flexibility.

One might be sympathetic toward Ric, his wife being so deathly ill and all, if he weren't spending more time corrupting the DA's office by making pacts with Lorenzo, fueling a mob war, and setting plans in motion, which will result in Jason's death. He's sliding down a slippery slope, and I'm not sure redemption will be possible this time around.

Lucky slipped as well – finally hitting rock bottom. After Liz walked out, and Mac fired him, he set a plan in motion to frame and arrest Jason, a feeble attempt at getting his job back. It was a plan that went horribly wrong. As he held the hitman at gunpoint on the docks, approaching footsteps caused him to believe he was being ambushed and he shot aimlessly in the dark, nearly hitting Liz. (Good thing he's a terrible shot.) From the ground, she screamed at her soon-to-be ex he could have hurt or killed the baby.

Hearing Liz was pregnant was all Lucky needed. He immediately went home, packed his bags, and called Nikolas to drive him to rehab, determined to put his life back together before his child is born. Liz, however, continued to insist it didn't matter if he did clean up, their marriage is over. Jason stood by and not once seemed to even consider the possibility the child could be his. With the moronic look on his face I can only describe as "man, I wish I spoke girl," he looked on cluelessly as both Epiphany and Kelly said, "I'm glad she finally told you." This story is set to blow wide open this week with a couple surprise twists and turns. If you want a sneak peek, continue reading the spoilers below.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Jason will finally learn there is a possibility he could be the father of Liz's baby when she tells him about the defective ELQ Enduro condoms. According to Soapzone, Jason will immediately propose marriage should the child be his (whoa!). Maxie will overhear and take a pregnancy test of her own – I'm sure you can guess the results. She will use it to both manipulate Lucky and file suit against ELQ.

I'm not surprised Maxie will use the results to her advantage, but I also wouldn't put it past the manipulative young woman to be lying about a positive test just to get what she wants (Lucky). The news is said to send Lucky's head spinning. He will also find out about the clinical trials set to begin on his mother. Sounds like a few huge stumbling blocks to his recovery.

Also from Soapzone, Jason will put the pieces of the puzzle together and connect Ric with Lorenzo. Even with the baby on the way, he becomes determined to start a mob war and eliminate both of them.

GHH2 says the week of Oct. 9, Robert will be beat up (by Lorenzo, avenging Skye's disappearance). Robert will turn to Jason. (Doesn't he have his hand's full already?) It will be nice to see the veteran getting screen time. I only hope the scenes they give him are worthy of his talent. I'm reminded of an old rumor originally reported by the same site saying Jason and Robert would work together to take down the mob influences in PC. I can only hope this will be what launches that story into motion.

Port Charles TV suggests Scotty may be returning to Port Charles, to escort Laura stage left when Genie Francis' limited run expires. (Hmm, interesting.)

Soap Opera Digest has an interesting interview with the new Professor Marquez, Eddie Matos.

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