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Stuck in sorrow... lost in regret.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Remorse and Regrets

After being knocked down by a distraught and strung out Lucky, Liz is escorted to the hospital by Nikolas. After learning she and the baby are fine, she retreats to her Gran's house (Wow! Audrey Hardy! When was the last time we saw her?) where she again proclaimed her marriage was over. Greg Vaughan (Lucky) was masterful in the scenes in which he pleaded with first Audrey to see Liz, then with Liz through the closed door begging for forgiveness and vowing (yet again) recovery.

An even more distraught Maxie handled her anger and jealousy in her typical psycho-teen fashion as of late. She staged an attempted suicide, knowing Lucky would run to her rescue and in hopes his guilt would bring him back to her arms. What she didn't count on was her transplanted heart stopping because of the mixture of the drugs. Lucky had taken her to Mercy Hospital in an attempt to keep his addiction and affair secret. Because Maxie wasn't wearing a medical alert bracelet and Lucky neglected to inform the doctors she was a transplant patient, they weren't able to take it into account when treating her. (Nice little PSA for medical alert bracelets.)

Maxie laid on the guilt trip, Lucky stayed firm in his declaration that he didn't love her and was going to do everything he could to save his marriage. At the end of Friday's show, Maxie was calling her daddy – Commissioner Scorpio. (Cross your fingers we might actually see Mac on screen this week!)

As Lucky begins to hit rock bottom, I'm looking forward to seeing the road to recovery and the unexpected bumps and turns that will come with it. He has lost his wife, who has filed for divorce and says she doesn't care if he does get clean, she is done. He is bound to lose his job once Maxie spills her guts to daddy. Will the prospect of becoming a father turn Lucky's life around (if Liz ever tells him she's pregnant) and if the baby is really Jason's, will that send him back to the drugs?

Lulu was terrorized by nightmares of not being able to find her baby after having the abortion, immediately questioning and seemingly regretting the decision she made. Depressed, she nearly cut her own hair after seeing herself in the same catatonic state as her mother, in those same nightmares. Dillon, confused by Lulu's reaction, had his own emotional breakdown in the boat house in Georgie's comforting arms.

These two young actors continue to be the shining stars of the show, delivering some of the most heart-wrenching and intricate scenes. Their chemistry pops off the screen and it's got to be obvious to everyone involved they need to move these two back together. Here's hoping once Dillon is able to get over his anger, he and Lulu will be able to work through the pain and confusion together.

I had anticipated that once "the deed was done" GH writers would just drop the story and move on to the next one. I couldn't be more pleased to see I was wrong. It's good to see a daytime drama focusing on the aftermath as well as the right to choose.

Carly had a hard time choosing whether or not she could trust Jax this week. After an enjoyable afternoon on the boat with him and her boys, her mood changed suddenly when Jax spoke to her kids about the future. She resisted him no matter how he pleaded and promised he was here to stay – that was until Sonny showed up, asked him to leave, and then told Carly how bad he was for her. That's all it took for the woman to decide she was ready to give her heart back to Jax.

Of course Sonny was determined to put up a fight, stepping in on his own and sending Max to mess with Jax's car. In the end all he really needed to do was sit back and wait for Carly's pipes to burst. Too bad she didn't believe Max when he showed up at the Metro Court to tell her the house was flooding. Sonny should be pleased. The longer she ignores it, the more damage will be done and he has already told the boys that they and their mother can stay with him while repairs are being done.

Jax brings out the best in Carly, and while it's fun to watch a devilishly mischievous side of Sonny temper the once again in charge mob boss who is threatening Ric's life every other minute, the repetitive jealous love triangle story played out with Sonny, Carly, plus revolving third person is getting tiresome. Rumors say working with Laura Wright was the main reason Ingo Rademacher signed a new contract, and I would like to see the romance play itself out. So, either put Sonny and Carly together or let them get over each other, for heaven's sake!

Sam is torn between her promises to Alexis to stay away from Jason, and was asked by Nikolas to do the same when her condition took a turn for the worse on Firday's episode. Alexis' is to come out of her coma this week… Look for this story line to move forward.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead

Hysterical after being fired by Mac, Lucky is determined to get his job back by arresting Jason, even if he has to plant drugs on him. Watch out, Liz, he's strung out and has a loaded gun.

Sonny is determined to keep Carly from Jax and her under his roof, even if means paying the contractors to move at a snail's pace on the repairs. Silly Sonny, you don't have to pay contractors to move slowly.

In one particularly far-fetched rumor, it is said that Tracy and Edward had Lulu's one-month fetus implanted into a surrogate mother. (Unconfirmed rumor, and while it is definitely Quartermaine-like – seems unlikely)

Soapnet plans to celebrate the anniversary of Luke and Laura with a marathon of episodes from their heyday as well as a new original program about the phenomenon that was the super couple. Genie Francis returns to the role the week of October 28.

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