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Lulu takes the final step and Liz takes a fall.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – All For the Children

As Alexis' health continued to decline, she tried to plan for Kristina and Molly. Liz contemplated what was best for Cameron and her unborn child while Lulu continued to wonder if maybe the best thing she could do for her unborn baby was not have it at all. On the other hand, when things began to heat up between Jax and Carly, Michael took exception and called Sonny to put a stop to it.

Alexis' cancer has spread and she was determined to make sure Sam and Ric stay together to give Kristina and Molly a stable home, while telling Dr. Winter even though she loves Sam, she is completely disappointed in the woman she’s become. One can only wonder how she found the time to make sure Nikolas and Emily knew she wanted them together and to tell Jax (once again) to get away from Carly. I’ve come to expect the manipulation out of her, and even become somewhat deaf to the fact every other word out of her mouth is Kristina (in other words, “her lips are moving but all I’m hearing is blah-blah-blah, Kristina, blah blah.”)?

Apparently Ric is sick of it as well as we saw that ever-so-creepy side of him once again this past week. As he held his infant daughter, he promised he would make sure she didn’t get over looked in life (maybe little brother needs to make his own appointment with Dr. Winters). After Sonny made a stance, showing Ric he was serious about protecting Sam (I guess Sam waving a knife in his face wasn’t enough for Ric to get the message his advances weren’t wanted) by posing for pictures with his baby brother at the Mayors' party. Upset by his mob-boss brother's manipulation of the press, Ric made a pact with Alcazar to bring Sonny down – though he seems most intent on going through Jason to do it.

When Sonny wasn’t ruining Ric’s reputation as the new interim DA, he was putting the damper on the fire reigniting between Jax and Carly. It was a good thing he tried to cool things off by redelivering Michael and Morgan back to her doorstep. How else would he have found out Jax was kissing Carly? Am I the only one who thinks this is playing out like the Sonny/Emily/Carly triangle; only it’s Sonny’s turn to be jealous.

The lighter side of Sonny has been fun to watch. This quick on his feet and mischievous attitude is a nice contrast to the dark, brooding and smashing glasses against the fireplace one we've grown accustom to. Just as delightful as been the popping chemistry between Laura Wright (Carly) and Ingo Rademacher (Jax). These two sizzle and the characters have the unique ability to balance the other's flaws and are not afraid to call the other on their crap.

Lucky continued to hide his renewed drug habit and the source of his pills from his wife — unsuccessfully. While Lucky was giving Maxie what she wanted in “their room” over Kelly’s, Liz was finding a pill on the floor right next to Cameron’s blocks (Cameron has been staying with his grandma for weeks, right?). Having found one, she searched and found his stash in a jacket pocket.

After Liz confided in him she was leaving Lucky, Nikolas went to find his brother, discovering him in Maxie’s arms. He chastised him and informed him of everything he was losing.

Back at the apartment Lucky tried to talk her out of leaving, when that didn’t work he physically tried to stop her. Friday’s show ended with him pushing and her falling. Is this going to be the end of the second unplanned pregnancy resulting from the defective Enduro condoms? It's pretty ironic that he may be the one to cause a miscarriage, when he’s been so up-in-arms over Lulu's abortion plans.

With the steadfast support of her father, Lulu came to the decision she felt was best for her — terminating her pregnancy. After making her announcement, she was met with unbridled anger from Edward, Dillon, and Lucky. As much as Luke tried to calm the storms around his daughter, all made sure they spoke their mind. Lulu remained firm in her commitment, knowing it was what was best for her. To his credit Luke remained the steadfast rock. Taking her to the appointment, he was determined to stay by her side until the end.

Saying it wasn’t the kind of thing a girl wanted to do with her dad, Lulu sent him to visit Laura. It was only when he was behind closed doors with the one love of his life, Luke let his defenses down and shed a tear over what his daughter was going through and his fear she will be forever changed because of a simple wrong turn. Proving once again Tony Geary is a superior actor, and the character of Luke is a big part of the foundation GH is built on.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

GHH2 is reporting Robin will receive an anonymous grant to further her research on psychotropic medications on the brain. The site also says Robin will point Luke in the direction of a doctor who can help Laura. Knowing Lulu is in desperate need of her mother, he sets off to find the possible savior. The foundation is being laid to bring Genie Fancis back as Laura in November so the original super-couple can celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

I’m hoping we see Patrick working along side Robin on this project. Robin and Patrick have been MIA this past week (most likely vacation time for the two actors) and have been sorely missed by this viewer. Hopefully we get to see this couple challenge each other in the lab as well as the bedroom.

About says Maxie’s newest attempt to gain Lucky’s attention will result in cardiac arrest. So… we’re going to be treated to more schemes and manipulative games from the young woman. Her heart was supposedly already weakened by the “monkey” virus. Will this be too much for her?

Interviews with Brian Frons at give viewers a sneak peak at some of the storylines for fall. Frons also confides many of the veterans who have returned to in recent months, will most likely only be seen in supporting roles, naming Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes specifically.

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