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Thanks to the faulty Enduros, pregnancy is running rampant in Port Charles.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Careful Consideration

I suppose it's a case of ask and you shall receive. Last week I hoped Lulu would begin to look at all sides of the abortion issue instead of focusing on only her right to choose. While she still seems set on terminating her pregnancy, by design the writers are making sure all sides of the story are being examined.

Tracy confided her own story of abortion to the troubled teen, saying only months after the procedure did she really grasp what she had done. Nikolas wondered out loud to Emily if Laura's catatonic state wasn't caused in part by the trauma of her unwanted pregnancy (of him) and suggested maybe abortion was the best thing for Lulu. Dillon, Edward, and Lucky have represented the side of unborn life being sacred.

Some of the best acting this week continued to come out of this storyline, probably the most touching being Lulu showing up at Carly's and breaking down completely to her cousin and newly trusted mentor. Julie Marie Berman, playing the troubled teen, has portrayed the on-the-edge emotions with the style and grace of a seasoned professional and Laura Wright continues to shine playing the emotionally stronger Carly. Scott Clifton was exceptional as well this week — especially when Dillon confronted Lulu head on about his rights as the unborn baby's father.

Late in the week, a frustrated Tracy declared "that girl needs her father," and set off determined to find him and bring him home. (Look for Luke's short return next week). I can only hope the recent trend will continue and in crisis Luke will step up and be the father she so desperately needs right now.

In one of the many heartfelt conversations with Lulu, Liz found out about the defective batch of Enduro condoms. Immediately alarms went off in her head as she wondered if it is Jason's brand of choice. A normal woman might take her lover aside and ask him what brand he used, but this is a soap opera. So, Liz instead goes over to Jason's apartment, tells the henchman who is just leaving she needs to retrieve something she left. In another press of believable limits, Jason's protector says "okay, sure" and leaves her alone in the apartment to discover she, too, may be a victim of the Enduro fiasco.

So with spoilers promising three pregnancies will result from the faulty form of protection, the only thing we can be sure of is all three will not go to full term. Will Lulu end up having an abortion? Will she instead have a miscarriage? How about Liz's child? First point of order will be determining paternity… she was still sleeping with her husband, after all. It's a toss-up as to which is the lesser of two evils, a baby by the mob hit man who is not her husband or a baby by her drug-addicted husband who is on the road to being her ex. Whichever way the writers toss the coin, it should make for interesting viewing.

Carly caught up with Jax in Casablanca and soon discovered Lady Jane's account of a gold-digging woman and the man of her heart was a ruse to try and bring the couple back together. Needing Carly to prove her devotion, Jax found a friend to pose as the woman his mother had invented. When the truth came out, Carly opted to hold on to her self respect and not fall back to her old habits of defining herself by the man she was with.

She headed for home, telling Jax she was through playing his games. (Bravo!) After a short amount of consideration and a huge push from his mother, Jax returned to Port Charles on Carly's heels to try and win her back.

The character of Carly is at her best and brightest when she is headstrong, standing on her own two feet, and not groveling before Sonny or Jax, and I'm glad the writers are finally seeing she is more appealing in her shining moments of the week — telling Jax she won't play his games, and offering her open arms and ears to Lulu in her time of need.

Jax returned to PC in time to get a text message from Sam about Alexis. Arriving at the lake house, his former wife and current friend let him know she was going in for surgery for stage two lung cancer. While he was there comforting her, Nikolas showed up with Spencer to spread good cheer. Jax offered to leave, but Nikolas showed good will and good character, telling him Alexis needed everyone she loved around her, and that he had come to terms with what had happened. He thanked the other man for eventually telling him the truth about his son.

Even though Alexis is harboring a lot of pain and anger over the encounter she witnessed between her daughter and her husband, it seems to be mostly aimed at Ric. She and Sam have been growing closer, and Sam is on the verge of promising to stay away from Jason for Alexis' peace of mind (though I'm sure that won't last long). How Ric ends up complicating matters should be interesting to see.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Liz's pregnancy test will come up positive, throwing yet another possible wrench into a Sam and Jason reconciliation, let alone Lucky's road to recovery. Jason will agree to a paternity test and to keep mum about everything until results of said test are in.

Patrick will enlist Robert's help to kidnap Robin for a romantic getaway in hopes of helping the woman through her depression resulting from April's death. All indications seem to point toward the fact that Patrick is also a fan of the Enduro condom… this unplanned pregnancy promises to be the most intriguing of the three.

Shortly after her surgery, Alexis learns her cancer has spread. When pneumonia develops she will be put into a chemically-induced coma to recover. (Nancy Lee Grahn goes on vacation). I'm sure there will be plenty going on with Sam, Jason, and Ric while Alexis is out.

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