Saturday , September 19 2020
For several reasons, NBC has been forced to rework the series.

Love Bites Pulled from NBC Schedule

Sometimes television shows that get picked up for a network's fall schedule end up, well, falling off said schedule.  Last summer, NBC had to delay Parenthood following the necessity of recasting Maura Tierney's role do to her bout with cancer. 

This summer, for completely different reasons, the Peacock network has been forced to remove Love Bites from its schedule.  Rather than having one single Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBCproblem with the show, the network has run into multiple issues which necessitate delaying the production.

First, last week, Jordana Spiro, who had been cast in one of the lead roles was forced to drop out due to her previous commitment with TBS' My Boys.  Then, the other lead, Becki Newton, should the show air in the fall, would need her character significantly reworked as she played a virgin in the pilot but is pregnant in real life.  And now, the show runner, Cindy Chupack, is leaving the program and a new one will need to be found.

What is the upshot of all these changes?  Well, NBC will be airing The Apprentice in Love Bites' place, 10pm Thursdays, come this fall (there will also be another celebrity edition of Trump's reality show running next winter/spring).  The scheduling of The Apprentice doesn't mean that Love Bites is (necessarily) getting fired, just furloughed.

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