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Lost DD Hardback Finally Shows On Shelves

In follow-up to my Blogcritics review of Marvel’s recent hardback Daredevil books, I should note that Volume One of the “Marvel Knights” reprints has since been released. (For some reason – perhaps the more recent material was easier to cobble together? – the company rushed Volume Two out alongside the movie release last February.) Book One features Daredevil #1 – 11 and 13 – 15: Kevin Smith & Joe Quesada’s “Guardian Devil” storyline and David Mack & Quesada’s “Parts Of A Hole.” In addition to a solitary stand-alone issue (#12) it also leaves out close to a year’s worth of issues that occurred before the Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev books repped in Volume Two. Which I guess bodes ill for their chances at showing up in hardback any time soon.
NOTE: Amazon is not yet listing this hardback edition, though both of the stories covered can currently be found in trade paperbacks.

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