Wednesday , October 27 2021

King of Pop: Simian Abuser?

Ex-Jackson brother-in-law shocked by monkey:

    Michael Jackson and his family practiced a bizarre ritual in which they sacrificed a live monkey. This is just one of the allegations made by sister LaToya Jackson’s former husband, Jack Gordon, who has penned The Jackson Family: The True Story Of The Most Powerful Family In The Music Industry. The book comprises the oddities Gordon claims he witnessed when he was brother-in-law to the “King Of Pop.”

    According to Gordon, the Jackson family was in the backyard of their Encino, California, home in 1986 when the monkey-burning ritual occurred. “They asked me to leave, and to never talk about it again,” he told the New York Post.

    But the strange allegations don’t stop there: Gordon claims that he frequently witnessed Michael physically abusing his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles. “I saw him punch him, kick him in the stomach. The chimp was on the ground crying. Michael used to say, ‘He doesn’t feel it. He’s a chimpanzee,” he said.

    As for Michael’s failed marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, Gordon says, “He paid Lisa $15 million to marry him, with the promise of a music career.”

    Gordon also touches on Michael’s ever whiter appearance, claiming he witnessed the singer inject himself “with some kind of fluid, after which Michael would say, ‘I’m getting lighter, I’m getting lighter.'”

    John Branca, a lawyer representing Michael Jackson, reports that all of Gordon’s accusations are “pure fantasy.”

Yes, but whose fantasy?

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