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Detroit's native son sells out a pair of shows in record time.

Kid Rock Sells Out Detroit

Kid Rock made music history in Detroit when he sold out a pair of dates at Joe Louis Arena in record time. The first concert, scheduled for February 3, sold out in six minutes, a new personal best for the Detroit native. A second show for February 4 was immediately added and sold out just nine minutes later. The shows were set to be a precursor the Super Bowl being held in Detroit on February 5.

A favorite son of his native Michigan, Kid Rock released his first album, The Polyfuse Method, in 1993 but he didn’t hit super-stardom until his fourth release, Devil Without a Cause, in 1998, though he often received more publicity for dating Pamela Anderson.

Kid Rock plans to release a live album in February, corresponding with the Detroit shows and will follow that up with a studio album this year as well. The Detroit shows also put an end to a year long touring hiatus.

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