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Kazaa Cleaner

As users quickly become aware, the worst part of using the major file sharing services is the crap they clog up your computer with: pop up ads, spyware, even viruses. If you are using Kazaa, this program will help – Kazaa Cleaner:

    Kazaa Cleaner is a free and tiny Adware / Spyware remover utility especially designed for getting rid of all Spyware and Adware applications (i.e., Scumwares) that have been bundled, past and present, with all Kazaa Media Desktop clients.

    Why use Kazaa Cleaner

    What makes Kazaa Cleaner special is that not only does it permanently removes every single component (including every files, registry keys, startup item, and more) of the various Scumwares that have been installed with Kazaa, but it does so without hindering KMD, and it bypasses Kazaa’s “Certified check”.

    Which Scumwares does Kazaa Cleaner removes?

    If you’re one of the 200 million people who’ve downloaded a copy of the Kazaa Media Desktop over the past few years, then your computer is probably infected with one of the following nasties, which coincidently Kazaa Cleaner removes:

    1. Cydoor (Adware)

    Always embedded with some host application. Cydoor’s Ads OnSoftware™ embeds advertising in host software, converting it to “free” adware. Transmits email address and user-supplied demographic information (if supplied) to Cydoor. Demographic info is shared with third parties. Transmits advertising metrics such as ad displays and clicks.

    2. The GAIN Network (Adware / Spyware)

    The Gator Advertising Information Network (GAIN) is a network of advertisers who deliver ads thru the use of adware technology developed by The Gator Corporation. Installed on more than 8 million computers, Gator sends some info about you, including first name, country, and postal code, to the Gator web site. As you browse, it also tracks which Web sites you visit, products you may view, and your responses to Gator-launched ads.

    3. Save Now (Adware / Spyware)

    A single process run at startup which monitors open IE windows and opens adverts when it sees targeted URLs and terms entered into forms.

    4. Hot Text, Top Text, Ezula, ContextPro (Adware)

    When installed, eZula TopText will alter all pages viewed in IE, adding extra links to words and phrases targeted by advertisers. These links are unauthorised by the operators of the sites being viewed.

    5. Dlder.exe (Spyware)

    Noted as a Trojan by some antivirus programs (W32.DlDer.Trojan), this little nasty tracks your web surfing and uploads this information to a website (now apparently shut down). It can also download and activate executable files. You can expect to find a file called explorer.exe in your system directory (note that a legitimate Windows file is also called explorer.exe, but that is in main windows directory.

    6. Brilliant Digital Entertainment (Adware)

    A free viewer from BDE that plays rich media (audio and animation) and advertisements created with BDE’s b3d Studio animation toolset. May track your browsing habits and report this info to a central ad server. Most commonly co-installed on computers through software programs such as music sharing or file sharing programs. Brilliant Digital is difficult to remove from a computer once installed because the components are actively running on the computer.

    7. nCase (Adware / Spyware / Hijacker / BHO)

    Loads at boot, and runs throughout your computing session, displaying advertising.

    8. My Search (Adware / Spyware / BHO)

    While browsing the web with the toolbar enabled, every 3-4th page viewed has its URL and page title sent to its central server on leaving the page. If there are any targeted terms in either the server returns a piece of JavaScript code to pop up an advertisement.

    9. WUpdate (Spyware)

    An unknown Spyware designed to download and install additional component from the Internet to your computer. Extremely dangerous since it can arbitrary install potentially dangerous code on your computer without any notice.

    10. PerfectNAV (Hijacker / BHO)

    ‘PerfectNav is designed to redirect your URL typing errors to PerfectNav’s web page.

    11. P2P Networking (Resource Hog)

    P2P Networking is a component that enables other applications to use Peer-to-Peer functionality. P2P Networking is bundled with Kazaa v2.5.2 but is not required for its operation. P2P Networking is a resource hog, stealing bandwidth, memory and hard disk space.

    12. Altnet Peer Points Manager (Resource hog)

    Peer Points Manager meters licensed files (Gold Icon) uploaded by users who have chosen to collect Peer Points for sharing content, and enables them to directly redeem points for content or enter sweepstakes for cash or prizes. Peer Points Manager is a resource hog, stealing bandwidth, memory, and hard disk space.

    13. Altnet TopSearch (BHO)

    Likely to slow performance of Internet Explorer.

Clean it up.

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