Wednesday , October 20 2021

Kangaroo Jack Pissed

Claims misrepresentation in film and accounting improprieties: “‘Rapper’s Delight’? No way, mate – I’m a Cold Chisel man. And they swore I could keep the jacket and the cash in the pocket.”

So he and his gang are waging a campaign of intimidation and assault:

    Sylvia Aldren was working in the garden of her home in the northern outskirts of Brisbane when the large kangaroo pushed her to the ground and then kicked, bit and scratched her, Nine Network television said.

    Aldren said she sensed trouble when she noticed a few kangaroos nearby and one approached her.

    “The look in the kangaroo’s eye made me feel that I knew I was in trouble,” she said. “I thought this is it, he’s going to kill me.”

    Aldren was taken to a hospital with injuries to her chest, thighs, arms and legs, the report said.

    Neighbors said they have been terrorized in recent years by a mob of around 50 kangaroos that live in a nearby area. [AP]

Beware of dingoes as well. There are around 60 million kangaroos in Australia – at least one of them should be eaten.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Rush is concerned that the kazoo will replace the didgeridoo as the national instrument:

    Australia and the United States signed a free trade accord last month. The deal requires changes to rules governing the amount of locally produced shows that have to be broadcast on Australian television, prompting fears that local networks will buy more American series.

    “The ability to look at ourselves and create art about ourselves is just going to get swamped by the worst kind of blanket programming and wall-to-wall corporate thinking,” said the Australian star of “Shine” and “Shakespeare in Love” at a Sydney theater.

    ….The U.S. Congress has to sign off on the deal, and Australian lawmakers must approve legislation paving the way for parts of the pact to come into force. Howard’s government has said the treaty will add billions of dollars to the Australian economy. [AP]

So Geoff, you’re going to only make Australian films from now on?

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