Monday , November 28 2022
Does Joe miss home or is he just tired of La-La Land?

Joe Torre To Leave Dodgers: Will He Return to Manage the Mets?

As it was announced yesterday, LA Dodgers manager Joe Torre will leave the Dodgers at the end of the season to be replaced by hitting coach Don Mattingly. This may come as a surprise to some people, but those who know Torre are not so surprised by the news at all. The question is this: does Joe miss home or is he just tired of La-La Land?

The truth is that Joe looked good in Dodger blue, but he would look even better in orange and blue, the colors he once wore as manager of the New York Mets. During his first managerial job that covered four seasons, Joe didn’t do much winning, but he was well liked and handled those tough down years for the Mets with his characteristic good grace and humor.

Though a report in the NY Daily News claims that Torre would never come back to New York to work in “the shadow of the Yankees,” I have a feeling that Joe is not done at seventy years old by any means. Since that other Joe is over in the Bronx managing the Bombers, it seems that it would be fitting to have the old Joe back in a Mets uniform.

What better way to slap some sense into the Mets players than to bring in an icon, one with a Mets pedigree to boot? Torre brings with him instant credibility, a New York savvy, and the legacy of being a winner.

It seems to me that the Mets have nothing to lose by bringing back Torre and everything to gain. Besides, his sister is a nun, and the Mets, who haven’t had a prayer in recent years, could use all the help they can get.


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