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jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston, whose unique beauty comes from a Greek father and an English/Scottish mother, is easily one of the most recognized celebrity figures in the world and is frequently featured on the cover of tabloid magazines. Aniston, who played "Rachel" on the immensely popular sitcom Friends even inspired hair styles named after her, or to be more specific, her character, aptly called the "Rachel." Aniston, wed actor and heartthrob Brad Pitt in July of 2000 and found herself unwillingly thrust into the spotlight when her marriage to Pitt crumbled in 2004, after Pitt fell in love with his co-star, actress Angelina Jolie, while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Since then, Aniston, despite making a handful of films to less that stellar reviews, continues to see her love life played out in the rags, either as the bookend to reports on the globe-trotting team of Brad and Angelina (often referred to as Brangelina), or as the perpetually jilted and desperate for a baby.  Jennifer, born February 11, 1969 to actor parents John Aniston and Nancy Dow, has been romantically linked to actor Vince Vaughn and most recently, singer John Mayer.

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