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Jackson Surrenders – And a Suggestion

Michael Jackson has turned himself in – “Neverland” no longer applies to jail, now it’s “Probableland”:

    A handcuffed Michael Jackson walked into the Santa Barbara jail on Thursday to face child molestation charges that could destroy the pop superstar’s career and send him to prison for years.

    A private jet carrying Jackson landed at the Santa Barbara airport shortly before noon and rolled its nose into the partly opened doors of a hangar. A caravan of cars left the hangar shortly afterward.

    The 45-year-old King of Pop, his hands cuffed behind his back, entered the Santa Barbara County main jail shortly after noon, accompanied by defense attorney Mark Geragos, who said earlier he arranged the surrender.

    Jackson left after posting bail, which was set at $3 million in a warrant. He waved to reporters, flashed a V-sign and climbed into a black Suburban that drove away with an escort of three sheriff’s motorcycle officers.

    ….Brian Oxman, who has been an attorney for the Jackson family for years but is not directly representing Michael Jackson in this case, told CBS that the case involves the alleged molestation of a 12-year-old boy at Neverland Ranch, the storybook playground where the singer has been known to hold sleepover parties with children.

    Sheriff’s and district attorney’s investigators on Tuesday raided the ranch and two other locations in Southern California in search of evidence.

    Authorities did not identify the locations but the Santa Barbara News-Press reported Thursday that they were film and video-related businesses in suburban Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. Citing county sources, the newspaper said investigators seized many videotapes and photographs of Jackson with children. [AP]

That will be a problem, that freakish deracinated face up in the nutsacks of all those kids. Wouldn’t Jackson be more sympathetic with his old face, you know, the one that looked human?

In the interest of a fair trial, I have a suggestion:

    Face transplants are technically possible and could arguably be less difficult than reattaching a severed finger, surgeons said Wednesday, but they called for more research into the risks involved before they are attempted.

    THE MICROSURGICAL skills needed for a face transplant are already well established, according to a report by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

    But too little is known about the psychological impact it would have on the recipient or the donor family, the ethical issues or the long-term risks of immunosuppressive drugs that would have to be taken for life to prevent the immune system from rejecting the new face.

    ….”It is one of the most exciting possibilities for plastic and reconstructive surgery,” said Michael Earley, a plastic surgeon at Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Dublin. “But there is a lot of work to be done yet,” he added.

    ….Dr. John Barker, a plastic surgeon at Louisville University in Kentucky, said his team is ready to perform the world’s first face transplant.

    “We need to get across the complexities of this medical advance and dismiss the myths that have been reported – for example the first face transplant recipients will not necessarily look like the donor,” he said. [Reuters]

As long as it looks human, Jackson will be better off.

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