Monday , May 20 2024
Whether last night's episode was the last one or not, I liked it.

Is Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies?

Pushing Daisies may just have pushed its last daisy. As we've discussed, the show was incredibly popular with a small segment of the population but it now seems to be gone from our TV screens… possibly. You see, they filmed 13 episodes this season and last night episode 10 aired, and future episodes aren't quite yet scheduled. The real questions now are whether those episodes will air, and if they even have to.

The first question I don't really have an answer for. Quite obviously, as a fan of the series, I'd love for them to air. I want to know what happened. However, last night's episode definitely had a sense of closure about it. Not complete closure mind you, but closure.

In what felt like a very tacked-on, odd second-to-last scene, Ned swore off touching dead things. I imagine that The Pie Hole will be a whole let less profitable now that Ned has to buy fresh food instead of being able to buy old, slightly decrepit ones. Despite eating into the bottom line, that's pretty much an ending.

But, as an ending, it's kind of a bad one. It had, as I said, a very tacked-on feel. Consequently, it was less than satisfying. On the upside though, that scene was the second to last scene, not the last one. The last one featured our narrator telling us that it wasn't Chuck's dad but Ned's who saved Ned and Olive's lives. Plus, that last scene showed us that Ned's dad (played by the almost always fun George Hamilton) was sitting right there in The Pie Hole with a slice of deliciousness (okay, I don't remember if he had pie, but how could anyone go to The Pie Hole and not get pie?).

See, that's an ending. It's not a tidy, picture-perfect, airbrushed beautiful one, but it's an ending. Actually, I would characterize it as a real-life beautiful one and all the more perfect for that reason. There's Ned's dad, the man who abandoned Ned, sitting right there in Ned's pie establishment after saving Ned's life. That's nice. That's sweet. That's a good place for the show to finish up.

Now, before you shout and yell at me, there were definitely other moments left untidied, and other things that I'd like to get answers to before the series disappears from our radar once and for all. Most prominent among those questions is that of the watches and why they were so important to Dwight Dixon and, who knows, perhaps Charles Charles too. Seriously, there's a story there. There has to be a story there, and I want to know what the story there is. And, no, I don't want to have to read it in a comic book.

I do wonder though, I do. I wonder whether even if the series ever airs those final three episodes if that question, and one or two more that I have lingering (like if there's a "CC" and a "DD" watch if there are also "AA" and "BB" ones), will be answered. I wonder if, should those episodes air, the ending they deliver will be as good, as satisfactory, as the one we have. Oh, I still want to see them, but that doesn't mean that it'll be nearly as good as what we have.

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