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The members of FallsStart talk about their formation, influences and upcoming changes in this new year, amongst other topics.

Interview with Indie Rockers FallsStart

I recently interviewed the indie punk rockers, FallsStart, about their new projects for the new year. I was first introduced to FallsStart when I wrote a piece on them for Technorati and decided to do a follow up on them. They sound a lot like the bands that I listened to in high school and still listen to today.

I can definitely hear a lot of punk rock influences from bands like Paramore, Yellowcard, and other bands that I grew up listening to. What artists influence your unique style of
music ?

Adrian Cottmeyer: “You know that’s pretty accurate as far as the modern sound relation goes, but our band members’ influences have quite a range from The Beatles, to Metallica, and even various classical like Matteo Carcassi, to name just one. In late 2013 and early 2014, when we unleash the next evolution of FallsStart, I think you will hear what I mean.”

How did you come up with the name “FallsStart”?

Cottmeyer: “In 2001 Davey wrote a song called “Summer’s End.” He didn’t like it for a band name but he did like the concept therefore, Summer’s End = Fall’s Start. [A]nd that worked, but he decided to drop the apostrophe, the space, and ended up with FallsStart. When Jaron and I joined we like it so we have been using it since 2010 as a trio. With that being said, FallsStart is evolving and there are a lot of changes in the near future…”

What is the inspiration behind your music?

Davey Leatherwood: “Life. There’s no greater inspiration than life and the experiences it affords you; the good, and definitely the bad. More songs have been written about a broken heart than anything else – it’s just all in how you view the experience and write about it.”

What goes into recording an album as an independent musician?

Jaron Seuis: “As an independent artist, it all starts with writing quality material lyrically, which Davey is a master at. From there we tweak arrangements and start tracking. The main part of recording as independents, is the overall vision and direction for the project. We put a lot of personal emotion into our music which really opens the door for corporate creativity amongst the band, and that, is where the real ‘sound’ is birthed from.”

What would you say to someone who wanted to pursue a career in music?

Cottmeyer: “A career in music is just like any other. You just have to find where and how you want to apply your skills. Stay open to all avenues, session work, teaching, writing soundtracks, etc. While I was in Turkey, I was geographically separated and didn’t have a lot of options so I gave guitar lessons at the community center for people of all ages and that was a great experience.”

Leatherwood: “Never give up, but more importantly, believe. Believe harder than you’ve ever believed in anything in your life, because if you don’t, it’s all in vain.”

Are you planning any big projects for 2013 (tours, another album, etc.)?

Cottmeyer: “We have a slew of new things happening in 2013 that are hush hush for now. But to give you an idea, I am the last one separating [from] the military this year, so you can imagine the level of epicness that will ensue when we’re finally all in one place, for longer than a month, for the first time.”

How did all of you meet?

Cottmeyer: “Well, to put it in as little words as possible, I first met Davey in South Korea because we were stationed together. Davey met Jaron on tour with the Air Force Entertainment show Tops In Blue. Davey then introduced me to Jaron while I was stationed in Turkey on their way through. We all became great friends.”

I understand that all of you met as active duty servicemen. Are any of you still in the Air Force? How does this affect being in a band like FallsStart in regards to recording an album, touring, making music, etc.?

Cottmeyer: “Currently, I am the last one left on active duty orders but it certainly has taken its toll on our ability to deliver a powerful product, the way we envision it. Fortunately, that all changes this year. Game on, kazoo solo time.”

Be sure to check out FallsStart on Facebook and ReverbNation. They are a fantastic band and I think you will be hearing from them soon!

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