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"I hope readers will embrace the fact that they are in this world for a reason."

Interview with D. L. Anderson, author of ‘Unlocking the Mystery of You’

D.L. AndersonD. L. Anderson is a writer, career/life coach, and the founder of Life Pinnacles. His mission is to inspire people from all walks of life to dedicate themselves to living their lives with purpose, striving for excellence in each of their life offices, and leading balanced lives such that they experience the greatest measures of fulfillment and success life has to offer.

In this order, D. L. Anderson has created an online platform highlighted by various membership sites; each of which has been created to provide his clients with the tools and training to achieve their goals. This is crucial because inspiration is only the first part of any call to action. Ultimately each call must also include the detailed steps required for any given individual to successfully implement the action and generate the desired results.

This is precisely what he offers with his Life Pinnacles program. Utilizing three distinct models of purpose, excellence and balance (each one being illustrated by seven sequential steps), D. L. Anderson not only speaks to the content and importance of his messages. He goes a step further and shows each member how they can effectively fulfill each one by illuminating the corresponding path and revealing how he has already succeeded each path in his own life.

Drawing on 15+ years in the field of IT where he has served as a director, program manager, and project management professional, and the self-help field where he has served as a career/life coach, D. L. Anderson has the “in-the-trenches” experience of working with a wide variety of corporations and individuals to achieve various initiatives – and he has done so consistently by utilizing tried and true methodologies which are applicable to a wide variety of people.

Congratulations on the release of your latest book, Unlocking the Mystery of You. When did you start writing and what got you into self-help?

I’ve actually been writing ever since I was 10 years old and submitted various writings for contests throughout middle school and high school. I was first published as a teenager and have published various poems, books, and other writings over the years. I got into the self-help genre because I’ve spent nearly all of my professional career building teams of excellence, mentoring, and career/life coaching. These have helped me to develop a sincere passion for helping people grow in their personal and professional lives.

Who is your target reader? 

My target audience consists of the following:

  • Individuals who are in an unfulfilling office and are either looking for a change or in the process of making a change. They’re just not sure they’re on the right path to making sure this change is implemented successfully – and so they need professional guidance from someone who has “been there, done that” and helped others along the way.
  • Individuals who feel like life is too unpredictable to enjoy and want to find out how they can take control of their life by doing things they delight in as opposed to living a stressful life highlighted by excess responsibilities and obligations.
  • Individuals who are looking for more out of life. They have a good hold of their current life offices and are fulfilled and successful to some degree. They just want more.

Unlocking the Mystery of You 2Anyone who has these sentiments would be a prime candidate for this book and my Purpose Seekers Unite program.

What do you hope readers will get from your book? 

I hope readers will embrace the fact that they are in this world for a reason – and that our measures of fulfillment are contingent to our ability to understand this reason and make it our reality. I hope they will honestly consider the valid arguments I make concerning the emptiness of settling for the status quo and sitting on their dreams. And ultimately, I hope they are inspired to discover (or rediscover) their purpose and start making plans to get after it whether or not they become a member of Life Pinnacles. 

How do you define success? 

I define success through the vein of my purpose. For example, it was my purpose to write Unlocking the Mystery of You.  Success, then, is determined simply by verifying whether or not I fulfilled my purpose by writing the book and to the best of my ability. This is imperative because success is a derivative of excellence. Therefore, it can not be limited to the fact that I wrote the book. On the contrary, my levels of success must also be delimited by the investment of excellence (i.e. work) I committed to writing the best book I could possibly write.

I understand that others may measure my success in writing “Unlocking the Mystery of You” by how many books I sell, how many interviews I do, etc. However, seeing as these factors are beyond my control, I do not consider them as the most authentic indicators of success. Rather I would consider them as ancillary evidence which support a more genuine success criteria. 

What do you love most about the writer’s life? 

I love everything about it simply because writing is my purpose and the greatest gift/ability I possess. I enjoy it more than anything in the world.

More definitively, I love the fact that my writing has the potential to have a positive impact on millions around the world. This increases my personal measures of fulfillment because I understand that my life’s work is helping others find fulfillment and success in their lives.

I also love the fact that I am in control of my schedule and can write whenever I feel like it; explicitly when inspiration hits me and I “catch fire” (as I like to refer to the experience of being inundated with instantaneous inspiration, and thus being compelled to write down my thoughts immediately while the impression is heavy upon me and fresh in my mind). 

Do you have a website or blog where readers can find out more about your work? 

Yes; my website is I have my own blog which readers can follow. I write primarily on topics related to purpose, excellence, and balance. 

What is your advice for aspiring authors? 

Publishing a book is a long and arduous process. Therefore, you must possess an authentic, self-motivating reason for publishing your book. You should not publish a book to become famous or in hopes of making a lot of money. Rather you should publish a book because you have a genuine passion and an organic reason for wanting to share your message. If you don’t, you may very well become frustrated with the process and either fail to finish the work or be disappointed with the outcome. 

Anything else you’d like to tell my readers? 

Yes; fulfillment can be yours. Whether you’re a writer or your purpose lies in some other field or profession, I advise you not to sit on your dream. Besides the obvious fact that there is no greater feeling in this life than fulfillment, the longer we sit on our purpose, the less likely we are to fulfill it.

I can not tell you how many people I’ve talked to who are lamenting even now over some of the choices they’ve made which have effectively closed the door on them ever living the life they were designed to lead. Trust me; you don’t want to go there. You have an opportunity right now to do something about it. I encourage you to do something about it.

Remember, your purpose is the reason why you are here. You must find it, embrace it, and do everything you can to fulfill it. If you need someone to help you along the way, I invite you to visit me at – and if you are unable to find what you are looking for in my series of programs, I will do everything within my power to help you find the right place for you.

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