Monday , January 30 2023
Blogcritics talk to "Gotham"'s Johnny Alonso about his series and his new movie, "Chronology."

Interview: Johnny Alonso – ‘Chronology’ and ‘Gotham’ Season Two

Johnny AlonsoIn an exclusive interview, actor Johnny Alonso voiced his expectations about taking the role of Dobbs in Chronology. “I love my character and I love how he changes … halfway through the movie. It’s going to be great for my acting range,” he says. The new supernatural thriller is set to film in South Carolina and Poland in the fall of 2015. Johnny is excited to be working with directors Derik Wingo and Kipp Tribble again, several years after their collaboration on Coffin (2011). Also involved in the project are Danny Trejo, Billy Baldwin, Laura James, Patrick Barnitt, and John James.

Johnny has quite a few interesting anecdotes to share about his acting experiences, including the fact that he auditioned 28 times for Dawson’s Creek! He spends some time dissecting his memorable scene as a mortician in Day of the Gun. There’s something for everyone to appreciate with respect to his fond recollection of his days on the set of NASA 360, an Emmy award-winning program.

Johnny is back on Gotham as Kazz, the bass player in Penguin’s nightclub. As one might expect, much of the behind-the-scenes amusement comes from Robin Lord Taylor, whose popular character emerges as the self-proclaimed King of Gotham by the end of season one.

“We’ve all grown up with Batman,” Johnny states about the general appeal of the Fox show for both longtime Batman viewers and newcomers. “If you’re a fan: awesome! If you’re not a fan, you’ll become one… I think [the writers and crew] are doing a great job.”

Gotham returns to Fox on Monday, September 21, at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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